wpid-npp-flag.jpgA member of the National Service Board, Dr. David Persie has launched a scathing attack on the New Patriotic Party (NPP) accusing it of being subversive.

Contributing to a political discussion on “Alhaji on Alhaji”, a talk show on Radio Gold, Saturday, Dr. Persie noted the NPP, through?its actions has been running down the country ever since John Mahama ascended the presidency.

He was contributing to NPP’s assessment of the?one year performance of the Mahama-led government.

According to Dr. Persie, who is also a student politics, the NPP’s accusation that president Mahama has performed abysmally in his one year in governance should be ignored.

To him, the NPP does not still recognize Mahama as the legitimate president and they are engaged in all manner of accusations to make the country ungovernable?having failed in the law courts.

“Fundamentally, the NPP does not recognize the government. Their intention is to distract, obstruct,?sabotage and run down the country, by doing everything to scare away both international and local businesses… It is the general secretary [of the NPP], who publicly said their aim is to make the country ungovernable”, Dr. Persie intimated.

Additionally, he said “the NPP will never recognize any other government apart from themselves” as they ?do not believe in “one man one vote” system.

He indicated that the country?is likely to witness election petition every?election year, if the?NPP?fail to?win the election.

Touching on some of the issues raised during the the NPP press conference, Dr Persie noted there is little difference between the agric policy of the NPP?and that of the NDC- policies that were implemented in the colonial days?but which have failed in modern times.

A?member of the NPP, Philip Longdon, flatly denied Dr. Persie’s assertions that their actions are subversive and driving away investors into the country.

According to him, such accusations have the tendency of raising agitations in the country, adding that some members of the NPP have raised serious issues about the presidency but it is not fair to generalize issues to cover the entire membership of the party.

“The NPP has never said it does not recognize Mahama as president. ?The party decided not to go to the swearing-in of the president and going to court but let there be no doubt in the minds of people that Mahama is the president and has done s for?one year”, he noted.

Mr. Longdon further argued the NPP chose a more responsible way of protesting the election results, even if for eight months, adding some other countries chose violence to settle their disputes.

He pointed out that merely because the NPP?went to?court did not mean the party wanted the country to collapse, noting, “criticism are done in good faith” and to put the government in check.

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