He said LPG by its nature expands and so cylinders are supposed to be filled to about 80 to 85 per cent leaving the rest of the percentage to take care of the expansion.

cylinderMr Edward Odei from NPA is educating various women’s group brought together by the Western Regional Office of the Department of Gender on the topic: “Safe Use of LPG Cylinders.”

Some of the women alleged that some filling stations are willing to fill the 14.5kg cylinders, which cost GH₵ 55 to the brim at a cost of GH₵ 70, a practice, the authority deems dangerous and deadly in the case of an accident.

The NPA said some main causes of accidents in the use of the LPG include poor installation, poor maintenance and wrong fitting of the valve.

Mr Odei educated the participants to always keep cylinders in vertical position with valve on top, install the cylinder at ground level with the banner at a higher level than the cylinder and ensure adequate ventilation at floor level and top level.

The LPG users were advised to check rubber tubes regularly for cracks, change rubber tubes once in every two years, not expose the cylinder to naked fires, sun, rain, dust and heat and also regulators should always be kept in off positions when the cylinders are not in use.
in a speech read on his behalf Mr Paul Evans Aidoo, Regional Minister said government is working at weaning the larger population from the use of firewood and charcoal.

“It is in the light if this that government always puts in every effort to ensure that LPG is on the market for consumers.”

He encouraged the women to apply the knowledge acquired at the seminar to help keep families and communities safe whilst using the product.

Mr Aidoo reminded them of the need to promote peaceful discourse during Election 2016, to enable the country come out of the general election successfully.

Source: GNA/News Ghana


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