John Dramani Mahama is now president! He is now the president-elect of Ghana! For those who never saw him as capable enough, the Ghanaian populace has spoken! The voice of the people is certainly the voice of God! Yes, God has spoken, and so, we ought to listen! Let us be careful that in promoting our own selfish agendas, we do not incur his wrath in so doing!

For a fraction of our populace, President John Dramani Mahama?s ascension of the presidential seat after the death of our dear President Mills was just an opportunity that was expected to be short-lived. To the optimist and the believer however, it was for a divine purpose! Becoming a president was perhaps in President Mahama?s wildest dream, now turned a reality!

Winning this election is not only the mark of a new beginning for this man, but more to the populace. How would you feel if he was family? This is the story of hope! This is the story of faith! This is the story of optimism! This is the story of inspiration. It is the story of possibilities! It tells us that anything is possible! This was a man who was ridiculed just because he was a vice, turned president! He was ridiculed because some people took for granted, his abilities! I guess his win is a real surprise! That is life for us all! That is a lesson we should not forget! Let us not take people for granted!

In our various lives, in from our various experiences, we all have our stories to tell. These are stories of struggle! These are stories of helplessness! Stories of hopelessness! Most of us rose up from very humble beginnings! Our race of life never began fairly, as some of us would prefer to put it. Some people were born with silver spoons. Others however, went through life the very hard way! In the end, some have caught up with those who took the giant leaps, and have eventually overtaken. Such are the stories of great men and our heroes! These are the people who made the impossible, possible!

Just as an apprentice eventually becomes a boss, President Mahama?s candidature has indeed been confirmed! As a Ghanaian, he is equally qualified! The Ghanaian has given him the vote of confidence. Some people are yet to come to terms with the recent events but will do so in the months ahead when President Mahama?s agenda takes full form.

Elections are meant to be either won or lost! Great athletes know how to accept a loss! Losing an election is not the end of life but rather, the beginning. Anyone who always wins is yet to experience life in full, just as the one who never makes a mistake! Let us learn to lose gracefully, and not lose our integrity and morals in so doing. Let us also not lose our sanity together with our losses! It is in our losses and mistakes that lessons are learnt and corrections made!

Ghana is our motherland! Ghana is all that we have! That is the common property we all share! For this reason, let us not divide this nation on grounds of politics! Some selfish leaders and politicians are dividing this nation in the quest for their own selfish gains! Politics is only grounded on difference in ideologies. Most of our politicians share the same dreams for this nation, but only differ in how these dreams are going to be made a reality. As such, supporters ought to be educated! Winning or losing an election should not be a platform for division but rather, unification. We ought to be united more than ever, in order that our wishes are fulfilled! Let us not dwell so much on the past but rather forge ahead and plan for the days ahead.

To whom much is given, much more is expected! To president Mahama, this is your test! The Ghanaian is watching and waiting! Waiting that you make good on your promises of a better Ghana! Good leadership or governance is reflective on the lifestyle of the beneficiaries. We need improvements in our transportation networks, our educational system, healthcare, utilities, and implementation of policies, to mention but a few. After all, a better Ghana is what we all wish for!

Anna Esi Hanson ([email protected]), Takoradi.


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