These days digital camera is in great demand and due to this reason that it provides quality image and superior technology that is also with shooting of 720p HD video. On the other hand it also has smart, sleek and creative appearance. It provides 12x wide-angel optical zoom that is also with optical image stabilizer. The canon powerShot SX130IS is a model of digital camera that is used to provide better picture quality.

The battery power enables the user to easily power up and then start using it. The similar way as the previous Canon PowerShot camera model captures the images in SD/SDXC/SDHD memory card or in sandisk memory card too.  To share the picture on the internet one would have to transfer the images from memory card to PC. At the time of loss of photos one would have to perform the recovery of the lost and deleted photos from the memory card.

If this is the situation then this becomes important to recover the photos back for this one would have to find out the reason that is responsible for the loss of photos. Some of the reasons are discussed below:

Pulling out memory card while camera were in use  

Turn off the camera while transferring the contents to the camera

While using the camera “memory card error” message occurs

Taking photo while the battery power was low and pictures were not saved completely due to low battery

By mistake “format” button is clicked

So to recover the photos that have got deleted one would have to take the help of available backup and with this one can easily restore the lost or deleted photos.

But in case backup is not available then user can try Sandisk recovery software and for this one would have to use this software to recover the deleted photos. The recovery of the lost and deleted photos can becomes possible with the help of sandisk recovery software.

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