ESTESO! German refinement specialist NOVITEC now a thrilling designer widebody version for the Maserati Levante under this label.
In addition to the bodywork conversion with sporty-elegant styling, the likewise new NOVITEC ESTESO 22-inch wheels with dimensionally offset Y-spokes
characterize the unusual appearance of the Italian SUV.
As an ideal complement to the athletic looks, NOVITEC also offers performance upgrades for all engine variants, gasoline or diesel. The
top-of-the-range variant is an upgrade for the twin-turbo six-cylinder engine to an output of 363 kW / 494 hp and a peak torque of 660 Nm. With a
sprint time of just 4.8 seconds for zero to 100 km/h and a top speed of 272 km/h, the NOVITEC ESTESO is one of the fastest SUVs on the market.
NOVITEC also tailors the cabin to the owner’s preferences in every detail with virtually endless customization options for the interior.

With thrillingly styled widebody versions for the super sports cars from Ferrari and Lamborghini, the NOVITEC design team for years has been creating
eye-catchers in a class of their own. The company from Bavaria now transfers this concept to the Maserati Levant with its ESTESO widebody version.
The bodywork components are manufactured in OEM quality from PUR-Rim and thus are not just eye candy, but also set standards with regard to precise
fit, paintability and ease of installation. As a result, the bodywork conversion can be carried out not only at the NOVITEC Manufaktur in Stetten,
but also by any NOVITEC partner around the world.

The arched ESTESO fender flares on front and rear axle add ten centimeters to the width of the Levante at the front and twelve centimeters at the
rear, resulting in a new width of 2.09 meters. The eight-part kit also includes extension components that mold the flares to the production front and
rear bumpers.

The two bumpers also receive a thrilling upgrade with ESTESO aerodynamic-enhancement components: The ESTESO front extension component, designed to
integrate a front spoiler, and the spoiler blade attached below it lend the SUV a more distinctive face. What is more: Both components were
fine-tuned in the wind tunnel and consequently reduce lift on the front axle at high speeds. The optionally available naked carbon hood scoop gives
the Maserati an even sportier appearance.

The rear sports the NOVITEC ESTESO extension component, which is integrated into the production bumper. It is shaped like a diffuser and adds a
dynamic highlight, as does the naked carbon rear spoiler, which thanks to its sophisticated shape plays a role in creating an optimal aerodynamic

The NOVITEC ESTESO rocker panels give the Levante a lower and sleeker visual stance. They also create an aerodynamically optimized transition between
the wheel arches.

Of course, a tailor-made tire/wheel combination is also an integral part of a widebody version. To this end, the NOVITEC engineers developed the
ESTESO alloys in the king-sized dimensions 10Jx22 and 12Jx22. These wheels come with a choice of finishes, matt black or black with polished
surfaces. The fascination they exude lies not only in the fact that, in concert with tires of size 295/30 R 22 at the front and even mightier tires
of size 335/25 R 22 on the rear axle, they make full use of the space created by the fender flares. They also have an especially innovative design
with dimensionally offset Y-shaped spokes and center-lock look.

The spectacular appearance is complemented perfectly with the NOVITEC control module for the standard air suspension. It lowers the ride height of
the Italian SUV by about 25 millimeters. This modification benefits not only the overall appearance, but also the handling due to the lowered center
of gravity.

The thrilling looks of the ESTESO can optionally be accompanied by further enhanced driving dynamics thanks to more power: NOVITEC offers
professional engine tuning for all engine variants, gasoline or diesel. To this end, NOVITEC developed the NOVITEC N-TRONIC tuning modules, which
coax more power and considerably more torque from the engines with newly calibrated mapping for injection, boost pressure control, and ignition. The
plug-and-play auxiliary control units are tailored to the various engines.

The power output of the six-cylinder common-rail turbodiesel engine jumps from standard 202 kW / 275 hp to 237 kW / 322 hp at a low 3,800 rpm. Peak
torque grows to 680 Nm at a low 2,200 rpm. As a result, the Levante tuned by NOVITEC does zero to 100 km/h in just 6.2 seconds and in day-to-day
driving impresses with even more pulling power. For the diesel variant for the Italian market, which ex-factory produces an output of 184 kW / 250
hp, NOVITEC offers tuning to 221 kW / 301 hp and 680 Nm.

For even more driving fun with the diesel models, NOVITEC offers a module for the standard electronic Active Sound System of the exhaust. The control
unit generates an even more powerful engine sound for the V-6 turbodiesel when “Sport” mode is selected in the cockpit.

Of course, NOVITEC also offers an equally powerful and reliable performance upgrade for the Levante S, the most powerful gasoline-powered variant of
this model series. The increases in output by 47 kW / 64 hp and in torque by 80 Nm are also achieved with new mapping of the N-TRONIC module. A peak
output of 363 kW / 494 hp at a low 5,300 rpm and a peak torque of 660 Nm, constantly on tap between 1,700 and 4,900 rpm, accelerate the NOVITEC
ESTESO in just 4.8 seconds from rest to 100 km/h and propel it to a top speed of 272 km/h.

NOVITEC also leaves nothing to be desired in the interior of the ESTESO: Exclusive NOVITEC leather and Alcantara interior appointments of the highest
quality and with an endless variety of colors and designs make even the most extravagant wishes of any Maserati Levante owner come true.

source: automediapool