There we go again; ?Akee Akee, Bese Bese, Wose Wose, They Say They Say? is a Ghanaian local parlance for spreading rumours around. This time around the rumours carry an element of fear and panic.


In more recent times there has been a great deal of talk about peace in our country when in fact there is no war intended, nor do we anticipate violence in the aftermath of the expected judgment day decision? with regards to the 2012 election petition hearing by our Supreme Court.


Arguably, there is no need to call for peace or indeed a truce if there is no propensity for violence or war and that is the concern of all Ghanaians both inside and outside the country. Some sections of the public are busily engaged in spreading rumours across the nation that seems to put most people on the edge, in expectation of troubles flaring up, as cross section of the people, mostly expatriate businessmen and women are reported to be leaving the country, together with unconfirmed reports that outbound flights from Ghana are fully booked up to 29th August, 2013,up until now no government official has come out to confirm or deny such reports, which in itself ?give some degree of credence to the rumours.


In a nation where the security forces are not independent of the government it is necessary for the President to break his silence by coming out to give a national address devoid of party?? politics and propaganda, to assure the Nation of the checks and balances put in place to protect every individual in the country to allay fears that have continued to grip us due to the rumours of unrests day after day in the run up to the Judgment Day.


The Progressive People?s Party?s (PPP) position is absolute respect for the rule of law and we are ready to abide by the final outcome of the verdict. We believe that peace shall continue to prevail in our country, irrespective of the verdict. Once the election petition hearing is over and done with then attacking corruption that is rife in our society would be the next issue to confront. We can assure Ghanaian of our unflinching support to fight the cause of our nation for??????????????????????? peace, tranquillity and development.



God Bless our Homeland Ghana.


By Kit Yawson. ?Chairman. ?PPP-UK & Ireland


+ (44) 7508527715


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