PPP: Y’asor!

Ghanaman: Yennhwe ma Onnsei!

1. Thank you!

Join me to give thanks to God, Allah, Nana Nyame for His mercies, our lives. It is only by His Grace that we are here on this earth as a people called Ghanaians – Oye Nyame Na W’aye. From the day of our National Convention on Saturday July 16th, we have worked hard going from town to town, village to village, door to door. Our people have remained faithful. We thank them for their commitment and the sacrifice they are making.

I continue to thank our members and supporters for their discipline, for their decency and the peaceful nature they are going about our campaign. I thank them for making the Progressive People’s Party a giant, a strong Third Force, the credible alternative ready to win the 2016 elections.

Yesu ka me ho!

2. Your Vote is Important

We want to tell all Ghanaians that your vote is important. It matters. So you must make up your mind to vote on December 7th. If you believe that the PPP offers the best opportunity for Ghana to become great and strong and win economic independence, vote for the PPP. Your vote may be the one that will make the PPP go to Parliament and the Flagstaff House.

Your vote is not a one day affair. When you vote for someone, you give them your power and authority for four long years. If you vote for the right person, you will get good schools, no malaria, no dumsor and jobs, jobs, jobs. But if you vote for the wrong person, you will suffer, suffer and suffer for four long years. So vote for the Progressive People’s Party and enjoy four beautiful, prosperous years.

And we are where we are – in 2016 – a nation divided, poverty in all its forms still persists, preventable diseases like cholera, malaria, monnochocal meningitis, etc are still with us, unemployment, high taxes, dumsor are terrorizing us. Yes, we see some roads, some hospitals, some schools but some have come at excessive cost and are of shoddy quality.

3. The Question

The question is, are you better off today than you were in 2009? Are you better off today than you were in 2012? If you are not satisfied, if you are fed up with mediocrity, if you are tired of promises, promises and promises, I have one answer for you. Support and Vote for change.

4. Yeresesamu!

Vote for The PPP and Papa Kwesi Nduom. Don’t waste your vote this time on the people who promise a lot and deliver very little.

5. Our Message

We are committed to running an all inclusive government using the best men and women no matter where they come from, religion or party affiliation. We want the best for Ghana and only the best and the selfless will serve in our administration.

To the PPP, competency matters.

We are serving strong notice that with the PPP corruption will be a life threatening crime against the people. This is why we are committed to incorruptible leadership.

All children will have quality education with our free compulsory continuous education from KG to Senior High School.

The PPP will make sure Ghanaians elect their own district, municipal and metropolitan chief executives. If our people are smart enough to cast a vote to elect an MP and a President, they are certainly smart enough to cast a vote to elect their local chief executives. The people in cities such as Dakar, Cape Town, Abidjan, London, New York, Tokyo vote to elect their majors. So should our people.

We will fight corruption using greater transparency in government and with an Independent Prosecutor who is not part of the president’s cabinet.

We will ensure the separation of Parliament from the Presidency for greater checks and balances.

The PPP will strengthen all state institutions to serve with independence and competence. Only strong institutions can make this nation great and strong. For example, the NIA will be properly financed and equipped to deliver a credible national identification database. The GBC will be supported to become an independent, state broadcaster without private or political interference to serve the interest of everyone. I encourage everyone to pay their TV license to enable GBC to become financially independent of government.

We will tell the truth about our energy problems, and find the financial, technical and human resources to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

Most of all, the PPP will use the enormous, visible experience of its leaders to bring Jobs,

Jobs, Jobs!

6. My Talent

God has given each one of us his/her talent. We must put the right talent to the right job for Ghana to benefit. In Gold Coast time we needed an activist who could move the people to gain political independence. The right man for that time was Kwame Nkrumah. Ghana’s problem today is not political independence from a colonial power. It is about the economy and job creation. We need economic independence. So this is the time to vote for Papa Kwesi Nduom the one who has the demonstrated talent to manage money and create jobs lead our people to economic independence. The right man with the right talent for Ghana at this time is Papa Kwesi Nduom.

7. Raise Your Hand for Economic Independence.

If you want economic independence for Ghana, raise your hand and make a fist and show it to God that you are ready to vote, determined to work hard for Ghana to achieve economic independence through the Progressive People’s Party.

I am not a talker. I am a doer. I am not a ‘promiser’. I am a deliverer.

Don’t waste your vote this time. Per Papa Preko!

8. Four More Years for This President Mahama? No!

In 2012, someone was voted in as President of the Republic of Ghana. He made many promises to Ghanaians he has not delivered on – dumsor will be a thing of the past, 200 schools, houses for the people, millions of jobs, etc. etc.

9. All Together

From the beginning of the year, we have encouraged all like minded people to join together with us to build a formidable coalition to save Ghana. So we encourage NDC, NPP, CPP, PNC, Independents and others work with us. Susan Adu-Amankwah, Dr. Frimpong-Boateng, Dr. Kofi Amoah and others are all welcome on board.

When you go home, when you go to work, when you go to church or to the mosque, tell your friends, tell your father and your mother, tell your children and all your relatives, tell your boyfriend and your girlfriends that hope has arrived, that the future is already looking good, that prosperity is around the corner. All that is needed is for them to support and vote for the PPP and Papa Kwesi Nduom to make it happen.

10. “She ko oshe!”

What does it mean? It is Dagbani for “Stand down!”, “Si Famu!” So Mahama, she ko oshe! NDC she ko oshe!

Vote for the PPP

PPP: Y’asor

Ghanaman: Yennwhe Ma Onnsei

God bless Ghana!



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