Let me tell you my experiences as far as police enlistment processes are concerned because of numerous messages I have been receiving in my Facebook inbox lately from prospective police officers who are seeking help to join the police service. How I wish every Ghanaian joins the police service like how some of us struggled before making it eventually?

Such police officers are highly disciplined, committed and dedicated to policing compared to those who had it on silver platter. They are very collected, well organised and very civil when it comes to their day to day relationship with the general public. They are full of substance and very solid materials as far as policing is concerned. They know their lefts from the rights and cannot be rode easily like a horse or donkey when it comes to law enforcement duties.

I as well as thousands of other police officers didn’t have it easy when we wanted join the police service contrary to the popular notion among our youths of today, particularly those who are trying to join the police service or other security services with believe that you must know “somebody” in the police or other security services before you can be enlisted. That is always not the case. There are reservations for serious minded people who want to join the police service or other security services and same applies for all employment opportunities.

Our generation have some weird thinking that I sometimes don’t understand them. Instead of putting in maximum efforts, they are quick to conclude that vacancies at work places are always filled by “protocol lists”. They believe that you must know somebody at high offices before you can get a descent job in Ghana which is often not the case. Most at times after filling the vacancies with their favourites, there are limited vacancies for those who want to enter the kingdom of God by force because it suffers violence and those who want to enter it must do so through violence.

The violence here can be translated as struggles so no religious arguments please. Yes! You must be exceptionally good above your competitors to occupy some of the limited spaces. You must demonstrate some high levels of commitments before the light of fate can be shone on you.

After the enlistment at Sekondi, the first major 300 list that came, my name was not part of it. Out of over 5 000 people from Western and Central Regions and other parts of the country who came for the enlistment, they took only 350 people. My name was rather in the remaining 50 list which was popularly believed to be a protocol list.

It was at the enlistment grounds that I got to know that some people had followed the enlistment train from Tamale to Kumasi, to Koforidua, to Accra and to Sekondi which was the final phase. Most of these people had opportunity at Sekondi because they had followed the enlistment team and have almost become identifiable from the crowd. By the time they reached Sekondi, they have made friends with some members of the enlistment team which made things a bit easier for them to go through this time.

I still remember this lady who went through finally at Sekondi after following them throughout the country from Tamale to Sekondi. She told me my friend come and feel how I am smelling. For one week I have not taken my bath as woman because I want to be a policewoman. It has not been easy for me my brother but I hope to make it this time.

One would have thought it’s easy for women to sail through employment opportunities because they have “two holes” which they use one of the “holes” to get whatever they want in life but this lady was seen struggling to join the police despite she is beautiful enough to warm somebody’s bed. Sadly I didn’t take her number for us to link up.

The Sekondi enlistment was very tough as it rained heavily during the enlistment process and those of us who did not get the card which was initially shared by the enlistment team led by COP/Rtd Joana Osei-poku had to queue in the rains. We were in the rains from 8am to 5pm. Some collapsed and fell down. Some could not stand the cold and also left but the fact is that, as people were leaving because of the harsh conditions, the higher the chances for those of us who were determined to join the police. In my case for instance, it was a certain guy who gave me his card after the enlistment team disqualified him.

Of course, whilst some of us were standing in the rains and shivering to death, there were those who had it very easy because they were connected to some high ranking officials in the police and in government. Some came to the enlistment grounds under police escorts and stuffs but we still kept the faith that we would also go through. Some had complimentary cards and letters of introduction from high ranking officials but the truth is that some of these people despite their connection to powers that be, they could still not make it but some of us did.

After the tedious work at Sekondi Police Headquarters, finally I also qualified to write the exams so, I and others were made to go to WAEC hall at Sekondi whilst others went to St. John’s School my old school. ACP/Rtd James Abass himself was with us at WAEC hall and right there, he was throwing people out of the exams hall for whatever reasons known to him. If he throws you out, no one dares to question him. He could just look at your face and tell you get out of exam hall and that’s it.

Finally we were given the papers to write the exams. During the exams, people went for extra paper but when I went for extra paper, the policewoman who was giving the papers out said she would throw me out if I don’t move away from her sight. I had to end my paper somehow but still kept the faith that with the little I have done, I would still go through and truly when the list came out, my name was in it.

After I made the list, we were told to wait as they themselves would call us for medicals. For months I was waiting and waiting whilst my friends were being called to go for training. I waited till a police officer friend of mine told me to go to police headquarters for enquiries.

Initially I was reluctant to go but he kept pressuring me till I went to the police headquarters. The first time that I came to the police headquarters, I was so scared but finally I managed to get somebody to direct me to the human resource directorate where one ASP Rhoda then, received me nicely and promised to call me to come for medicals. She never called so I later on called her again and she told me that they have actually finished calling those who were supposed to come for the medicals. For my sake, some 6 people didn’t come for the medicals so she would call 5 more people in addition to me to come for the medicals.

On the paper that our names were written on it had this bold inscription REPLACEMENT and what it means is that because some 6 people didn’t come for the medicals originally, that is why I and some 5 others were called to replace them. It’s not that easy. You must at times have to do a lot of follow-up at the police headquarters.

It’s not everybody that joins the police through protocol but if you are not but of the protocol lists, trust me that you will have to put in extraordinary efforts in your quest to join the police service or any other security service and not the security services alone, but any opportunity for employment.

Just in case you are struggling to join the police service and it’s not happening, that is your luck. You probably might be dead by now considering how robbers are killing us these days because we are not well protected to discharge our mandated duties.

By:Ahanta Apemenyimheneba Kwofie III


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