The very first images of North-East India tours bring a sense of tranquility and soon the enchanting panorama of vast tea gardens, evergreen pine trees and snow-capped peaks cast a mesmerizing spell which is inescapable.  The beauteous Himalayan country, north-eastern region of India is blessed with numerous treasures of nature and every town, village and jungle has something unique and baffling to offer.  Whilst exploring this beauteous countryside the mind is constantly mystified by intriguing traditions of local tribes at the same time a truly soothing essence remains as you venture into the pretty villages and meet benevolent people of the region.  These tours to North-East India are rich with wildlife abundance, enchanting panoramas, cultural diversity and delicious delicacies.
Thus while picking North- East India Tours packages one must ensure that the itinerary includes a major chunk of highlights of the region.  Some of these attractions are:

Delicious Cuisines:  Most of the cuisines have rice and fish as their main ingredient for these two articles are found in abundance in the region.  Rice being the staple diet of the people here is consumed in various forms.

Some of the cuisines one must try while on North-East India tours are creamkhoi, momos, muri, Jadoh and more.  The traditional way of dining in the region are sitting down on the floor with food is served on banana-leaf plates.

Cultural Effervescence: The region is redolent with vibrant cultural diversity.  The region where numerous tribes and sects live together in perfect harmony the only binding factor is their love for Mother Nature.

People of North-East India can be best described as eco-friendly by nature.  By vivid festivals and celebrations they like to celebrate their incessant bond with their surrounding atmosphere which guards them against evil industrialization and takes care of their basic necessities by surplus of food, shelter and water.
Wildlife Abundance:  If you are also one of those who find jungles extremely captivating then you must plan for a visit to Kaziranga National Park under your

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