Tito Da Fire, Marriage, Singer


Singer?and?On?Air?Personality,?Tito?Da?Fire, is truly in hot soup as?his?marriage of barely a month, is experiencing serious upheavals, no thanks to his former girlfriend who is said to be a?Nollywoodactress.

The ?Maje?Kaja??crooner got married in a quiet ceremony to his?fianc?e,?Ify, on?November?2, 2013, at the?Ikoyi?Marriage?Registry,?Lagos, but we hear that the?Nollywood?actress who goes by the nameChichi, is threatening ?fire? and brimstone and has vowed to disrupt the marriage.

Chichi?is said to be mad that Tito dumped her after she suffered so much for him, only to get married to another woman.

This is the mail?Chichi?sent to a?blog?about her grievance: ?I was there for?Tito?when he?shot?his ?PourMe?Water? video, and I even challenged one?TV?presenter,?Anjola, who was trying to get his attention.

?I told her to stay away from him. He never told me nothing would come out of what we had.?

The betrayed actress says she knows at least two songs which the singer wrote in her presence, a song about a fine girl which is about her, and that she suggested a title for the track. She also promised to release pictures of herself and?Tito?to verify her claim.

Hmmm? Hell has no fury like a?woman scorned!


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