Nita Jay

What some people work in the rain,and under the sun in order to get,others who spend their whole time sleeping will only want to get it within some few hours! Too Bad :( ….

We learned that Nita, who was recording a new song in the studio, bought the Silver colored Toyota FJ Cruiser with reg. nr. BDG 994 AL just last month.

Speaking to Delia Innoma (Live on line with Delia), her brother Chinedu says:

“After Nita was robbed, she was held for about two hours before she was finally released along with our two little nephews on the outskirt of Lagos.”

When we finally spoke with Anita, she told us that the robbers, who snatched her Jeep, first robbed Sino, The Punch newspaper’s reporter, and used his car to block her.

NITA JAY ROBBED SUVDistressed Anita said:
“When they took my car, they carried us from Ogba to almost Ogun State and dropped us off at a deserted area.”
She continued:

“On the way, they were asking me if I was crying. I said no and they were like, “don’t cry madam, God will provide you with another car.” They later asked if we have transport money. I said no, and they said no worry, we’ll drop you off.

“We were like four in the car with my two nephews. One is 1year and 3 months old and the other is 2 and half years old. They were all guys. I’m the only girl in the car. When they dropped us, they gave us three thousand Naira for transport. We could not even look at their faces. One was telling me, you are lucky…at least you are not killed. He said after all so many people who are robbed are killed. As they dropped us and we were leaving, they continued to rob people on the way.

“My sister, they took everything, my phones, Blackberry, iPhone. In fact, everything that is in my car was taken. I’m still in shock. I’m only grateful to God that they did not hurt any of us,” she said.


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