Mr Mustapha Sanah, the Executive Chairman of Northern Ghana Aid (NOGAID Ghana) has urged African leaders to re-dedicate their commitments to good governance in order to improve the living standards of their people.

He said, good governance in the continent would reduce extreme poverty and spur inclusive growth for development.
Mr Sanah made the remarks in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at the end of the Annual Meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington DC.

According to him, the warning signs were written that the world’s financial spectrum was going through many challenges and having a toll on the economies of major global benefactors.

“The picture is not clear as the world’s economy is going through turbulence, with growth stagnation, financial volatility and rising debts and the recent trade tensions, which are all warnings delivered by the World Bank,” he said.

He said good governance would ensure prudent fiscal management of the economies and reduce corruption at all levels in Africa, adding, “Good governance is critical to poverty reduction. It promotes investments in critical areas like education, healthcare delivers, job creation and thriving private sector development.”

Mr Sanah said this would ensure prudent use of development Association and resources.
According to him much as the advanced nations were pushed to increase support to global development and poverty reduction efforts, leaders in Africa must play their role to ensure that development assistance made real meaning to the world poor.

“It’s a two way issue, while we ask International Development Association (IDA) donors to increase support after every cycle, we must expect the beneficiaries to increase efforts to improve lives and turn around their countries,” he said.

He noted that for Africa to improve her performance in poverty reduction, mobilising private sector as key partner was imperative and also increasing domestic revenue collection, and protect natural resources endowments.

He challenged African countries to emulate China who according to Ms Jiayi Zou, Deputy Minister of Finance of China, were recipients of IDA assistance some 20years ago and now a donor nation to IDA.

“This a remarkable feat and a best practice we must challenge ourselves and I believe the concepts of Ghana Beyond Aid, when structured within the framework of good and accountable governance could lift Ghana into these enviable league of donors,” he added.

Mr Sanah, who is an ardent campaigner for the IDA Replenishments commended Sweden, France, China, Saudi and the Netherlands for their initial bold declaration of support for the IDA 19 during its launch at the main complex of the World Bank last Friday on the theme: IDA Impact: A Call to Action.

The launch event brought together representatives of donors, campaigners, supporters and officials of the World Bank and was on the theme: “IDA Impact: A Call to Action.”

The President of the World Bank, Mr David Malpass underscored the importance of the IDA to global efforts for extreme poverty reduction.


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