The Zambian Embassy in South Africa has established that no Zambian has so far been caught up in attacks on foreigners perpetrated by citizens of that country, a statement obtained on Monday said. Xenophobia
A delegation from the Zambian Embassy, which visited temporary camps where foreigners have fled from the violence in Durban and are being kept by South African authorities, revealed that they were no Zambians who had gone to seek refugee, according to the statement released by First Secretary for Press and Public Relations Nicky Shabolyo.
Last week, reports on social media said one Zambian died after being attacked by South Africans. A picture of a man dressed in a Zambia national soccer team replica jersey went viral on social media, with most people calling on the government to do more to protect its citizens living in South Africa.
But the statement said no Zambia has been murdered, injured or burnt and that no Zambian was in a situation that would warrant evacuation by the government.
He however said the Embassy will keep on monitoring the situation to ensure that the safety of Zambians living in South Africa.
At least six people have died in xenophobic attacks in Durban, with violence spreading to other cities.
Other countries in the region such as Malawi and Zimbabwe have started making arrangements to repatriate their citizens living in South Africa. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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