Mariah Carey, who began her Las Vegas residency on May 6, made some unusual demands for her grand entrance at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

wpid-mariah-carey-infinity.jpgA source tells Life & Style exclusively, ?Mariah demanded that no showgirls ? and no women, period! ? could be a part of the event, to ensure that all eyes would be on her.?

And, according to the source, ?Mariah also demanded that the male performers and dancers needed to be paler than her, to ensure she looked tanned at the event.?

That?s not the end of Mariah?s wild demands during her two-month residency: ?She has a private driver available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, who can only talk to her if spoken to first,? the source tells Life & Style.

What?s more, anyone who handles anything she?ll be touching will first have to use hand sanitizer, the source adds. And Mariah is making sure her vocal cords are in tip-top shape. Aside form a humidifier in her room and a ban on all smoking near her, ?she needs an unlimited supply of bottled Fiji artesian water for her tea, kept at room temperature,? the source says. ?She only drinks herbal tea with a bendy straw.?



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