It is high time the privileged in government departments, agencies, institutes of higher learning and in our Ghanaian communities stop taking advantage of the less privileged ones.

Due to the economic hardship in the country, some persons in higher positions and even ordinary persons who are resourceful have cultivated the bad habit of demanding for sex as a pay back before rendering quality service to the less privileged ones which should be condemned in no uncertain terms.

What is so dangerous is that young girls and boys are being traumatised with this demonic acts of which go a long way to destabilize their social and spiritual life.

If those shamefully and disgracefully demanding for sex before hiring workers, sex before granting loans, sex before leasing office, sex before renting out a house, sex before giving higher marks, sex before giving admission do not quit, they will suffer unbroken generational curses, they and their children’s children and their families.

It has been observed that many of the country’s young energetic and enterprise graduates continue to wallow in a pool of unemployment whiles there are vacancies in various government departments, agencies, ministries and even in private companies and businesses.

Elsewhere different scenes unfolds where positions are still occupied by pensioners who are refusing to retire after the ages of 60 or 65 to give way for the young ones to take over from them.

An undercover investigation conducted by this reporter revealed that many of these graduates who could fill these vacancies to apply their knowledge and skills acquired from their various institutes of higher learning are denied employment opportunities simply because they refuse to give in to “sex for job” as their recruiters demanded for.

Those who gave in with the hope that they would land a job were painfully denied leaving them with the shameful and disgraceful embarrassment too much for them to come out and report.

It is unfortunate that many people are suffering from various degrees of curses as a result of their committed offence of “sex for job” or sexual promiscuity which gave the devil the legal right to land curses on these perpetrators.

The book of life “Bible” records a vivid account of how the people of Sodom and Gomorra were destroyed with fire by God because they lived such sinful lives abdominal to God.
But the Book of Numbers Chapter 22 all the way to the end of Chapter 26 narrates the story of how King Balak of Moab tricked the Jews to commit the abominable sin against God that gave the devil the legal right to curse them.

Jews were delivered from Egypt through Moses and were residing with the Moabites ruled by King Balak. Because they lived righteous lives, God blessed them and they began to multiply as they grew stronger and stronger.

King Balak entertained fear Moab would be taken by the strong Jews one day so he hired Prophet Balaam to curse the Jews.

Several times, Prophet Balaam consulted God who said his children should not be cursed because they lived righteous lives which did not give the devil the legal right to land the curses.

King Balak could not take the failure of prophet Balaam to curse the Jews so he let go of Balaam for another prophet who together with King Balak made the Jews ate the food served to the gods and slept with the prostitutes of Moab on festive occasion which was abominable to God and gave the devil the legal right to land the curses on the Jews.

Today, many people are losing their jobs, dying, suffering strange diseases, involving in accidents, robbed or suffering from disasters that are beyond human explanation and reasoning.

Knowingly or unknowingly they once committed sexual promiscuity which gave the devil the legal right to place the curses on them, their children and their families’, background checks has always revealed.
Once vibrant churches have or are collapsing because leaders are in sexual promiscuity thereby bringing curses on the members and the church.

Towns and cities are experiencing disasters because rulers, chief executives and other leaders committed sexual promiscuity which brought curses on the towns and the cities.

Healthy families are thorn apart because a parent committed sexual promiscuity and gave the devil the legal right to toss curses on the family members.

As stated in the opening paragraph of this article, people should assess themselves and cleanse themselves from such promiscuous acts that give the devil the legal right to curse them and their families.

The Jews realized the effects of the curses and cleansed themselves from the sins that brought the suffering and God broke the curses and turned them to blessings.
A word to the wise is……..

Shalom Sabbath, Sabbath Shalom.



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