Vice President denounces political insults in election campaigns

Vice-President John Dramani Mahama
Vice-President John Dramani Mahama

Accra, Feb. 19, GNA- Vice-President John Dramani Mahama on Sunday advised political parties and their foot-soldiers to concentrate their campaigns on issues and avoid personality attacks that had characterized previous elections.

He said most of the insults and personality attacks were not only derailing political issues but tainted the democratic credentials of the country.

Vice President Mahama gave this advice when he co-dedicated and inaugurated the first anniversary of the Cedar Mountain Chapel (CMC) of the Assemblies of God, Ghana, at East Legon, Accra.

The CMC, which was founded by Rev Stephen Y. Wengam, was jointly inaugurated by Vice-President Mahama and Reverend Dr Paul Frimpong Manso, the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Ghana.

Vice President Mahama therefore tasked party members and foot soldiers to respect the code of conduct of the Electoral Commission to denounce political insults and character assassination as that could dislocate the political agenda of the country.

He appealed to religious leaders to educate their congregation and public against the use of insults and violence to achieve their political ambitions, since their opponents were not enemies.

The Vice-President said the Mills-Mahama administration had never engaged in political insults and gave the assurance that the pair would pursue a decent campaign throughout the country devoid of political insults.

According to the Vice-President Mahama, the Government would cooperate with the Electoral Commission (EC) to ensure free, fair and transparent elections and provide a level political playing field for all.

He commended religious bodies for their constant intercessory prayers, which he said had helped in reducing the political temperature over the years and hoped that they would continue to intercede with such prayers to once again place Ghana at the apex of the world’s political league.

Rev. Frimpong Manso urged Ghanaians not to depend on the Government and other institutions for jobs and opportunities but rather develop strategies that would help harness the country’s resources to transform their personal circumstances for the better.

He said it was only when people trusted their capabilities that they could achieve greater heights in life ‘since a people without a vision do not have a future. ‘

Rev Wengam thanked God for helping him and his members to establish the chapel, defying the initial difficulties that they encountered.

Also present at the ceremony was Mrs Lordina Mahama, wife of Vice President Mahama and Mrs Dzifa Attivor, Deputy Minister of Transport.


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