Dr Mwinyihaji Makame Mwadini, Minister of State, President’s Office

The deducted money was aimed at contributing towards lunch and sports development in individual units, but legislators said many soldiers were complaining over the subtraction.

Mr Hija Hassan Hija (CUF- Kiwani), Mr Ismail Jussa Ladu (CUF-Mjimkongwe) and Mr Hamza Hassan Juma (CCM- Kwamtipura) pressed the government to prohibit the habit. “This was intended to be voluntary monthly contribution for the development of sports and other needs in the camps.

But it has turned out to be controversial and now we have banned the deduction,” the Minister of State (State House) Dr Mwinyihaji Makame Mwadini told the House  He said that he had already directed leaders of the Zanzibar units (forces): KMKM, MAFUNZO, Volantia, Zimamoto and JKU to stop deducting the soldiers salaries and “instead include the demands in Units respective budget.”

By ISSA YUSSUF, Tanzania Daily News


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