There is always money to pay our political officers holders, even more than their counterparts in developed countries. But when it comes to matters of developing the leaders of tomorrow or critical infrastructure in Nigeria, there will always be scarcity of funds.

Below is what the coordinating minister of the economy is saying to ASUU:

?At present, ASUU wants government to pay N92 billion in extra allowances over and above their salaries. Though we are in discussion with them, the problem is that the resources to take care of the demands are simply not there.?
?People are supportive when there is agitation to increase salaries, pensions among others. But on the other hand, people also turn around to say the recurrent budget is too high and there is no way you can have it both ways and so we have to make specific choices in this country.?
?Do we want to get to a stage when virtually all the monies and resources we earn are being used to pay salaries and allowances for public servants, who make up a minute percentage of the country?s population?

?If we do, it means that government workers will take up the entire budget of the country with nothing left for roads, water, education and others.?

The Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala spoke while delivering keynote address at the opening of 2013 National Council on Finance & Economic Development, NACOFED, in Minna, Niger State, on Tuesday.


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