Dr. Prince Pambo

Dr. Prince Pambo

Member of the Ghana FA?s medical committee Prince Pambo insists thorough medical screening for players is a must for all Ghanaian clubs regardless of its rising cost.

The Ghana FA has issued a directive to all competing clubs to hold medical examinations for all their players before the start of the football season.

This directive is to check the health status while building medical data for all players involved in the various leagues in Ghana.

Amidaus President Baba Gado is however complaining of the rising financial cost of screening over 50 players on the books of clubs in Ghana ? especially the ones in the Premier division.

According to Gado, the premium charge of GHS 400.00 charged per player during this mass screening is drying up scarce resources of Ghana clubs ? thus rendering it unsustainable.

But Ghana FA doctor Prince Pambo says club officials have no other choice than to conduct the required medical screening for their players if they chose to be in football.

?This is a law of FIFA and Ghana as a member of FIFA must comply with it,? he told Happy FM.

?By extension, clubs also affiliated with the Ghana FA must also comply with its rules and medical screening for players is one of them. It is as simple as that.

?So for clubs who can?t afford doing the medical screening for their players as required by the rules of the Ghana Football Association cannot be in football.?

Dr. Pambo however adds the medical committee of the Ghana FA are continuously urging the clubs to make use of their expertise during such medical exercises for a below standard fee ? a proposal most of the clubs are yet to take full advantage of.

?We have told the clubs that as experts, we will make ourselves available to the clubs,? he adds.

?The Ghana FA has even decided to take care of our transportation and accommodation so we can go to the clubs and hold these medicals at a lower fee.

?The clubs however don?t make use of this opportunity.?

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