Great Jobs, No Bachelor's Needed

By Lia Sestric

Don?t settle on a low-paying career just because you don?t have a bachelor?s degree. Metaphorically speaking, when life throws you a curve ball, don?t put down your bat ? keep playing the game!

Whether you can?t afford or can?t give the time to earning a bachelor?s degree, take comfort in knowing it?s not the only way to earn a decent paycheck. There are less time-consuming alternatives that could prep you to pursue a lucrative career.

?There are many different ways to end up in the position of being happy with your career and the pay that comes with it,? says Bill Peppler, managing partner for Kavaliro, an Orlando-based staffing agency.

?Some of these routes may go through a four-year bachelor?s degree, others may not. There is not just one specific plan for everyone to become successful, there are multiple tracks.?

Are you ready to find out how you can track down the right one for you? We got you covered. Here are six careers that are short on school, but big on pay.


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