The National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP), has organized a refresher training on Malaria Diagnosis for 40 laboratory professionals in the Ashanti Region.

The training was to build and improve the capacities of participants in Malaria microscopy procedures for specific and sure Malaria diagnosis which would lead to better case management outcomes in the country’s Malaria control efforts.

According to recent health reports, Malaria which tops all Out-Patient-Department visits in most parts of the country’s hospitals, also had a high mortality and morbidity.

Mr. Alexander Asamoah, Diagnostic Focal Person of the NMCP told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) on the sidelines of the training that, it formed part of the national efforts to control malaria cases across the country.

He said the expectation was that laboratory professionals would be able to identify all parasite species and stages for effective case management at the end of the training.

Some selected laboratory professionals in the Ashanti Region, who attended, were the sixth to receive the training after Volta, Northern, Central, Greater Accra and Upper East Regions.

With each participant provided with a microscope and other diagnostic equipment, they were trained to sharpen their skills in Malaria Parasite (MPs) detection, Malaria parasite specie identification, as well as blood film preparation and staining for microscopic detection of MPs.

Other topics that participants were taken through included Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Test (MRDT) procedures, Malaria Parasite Density Determination Ability by the parasite count method and introduction to the G6PD testing.

Mr Asamoah was of the view that by the time training was extended to all the Regions, there would be more experts in Malaria microscopy that would increase proficiency in Malaria parasite count and a resultant improved treatment.

Beneficiaries of the training, according him, would also be empowered to help clinicians understand parasite counts, thereby improving in quality of care.


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