The MasterCard will be introduced between one and two months from now after the largest bank complied with EMV standards to enhance safety and security for the users ? at automated teller machines (ATMs) and Point of Sales (PoS).

NMB?s acting Chief Executive Officer Mr Tom Borghols told journalists that the move was part of the bank?s efforts to use of Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) technology to put off and manage fraud in the payments ecosystem.

?Customers requested the (Master) card to us,? Mr Borghols said. ?We are now at pilot stage. We will roll them out at fast pace at the end of next one or two months.?

The Acting CEO said the bank has identified the risk side associated with the raising cases of ATM fraud but with the help of its mother bank Rabobank of Netherlands they have worked them out. ?We are well prepared.

We have identified the risks and we are going to work them out, but even before coming with the EMV technologies, surveillance cameras helped to lower ATMs stealing.?

The EMV technologies are about more than just a specific device. It?s about creating a holistic purchasing experience supported by greater security and control.

Source Tanzania Daily News


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