Minister for Defense and Member of Parliament for the Bimbilla constituency, Dominc Nitiwul, has pledged to ensure that chieftaincy disputes and related clashes in the constituency do not recur.

The interior Ministry on Thursday [February 9], reviewed a long-standing curfew on the Bimbilla Township following the eruption of a gun battle on Thursday afternoon.

There have been sporadic eruptions of violence in Bimbilla since 2014, after one of the persons the longstanding kinship dispute between members of the Gbugmayili gate was assassinated.

But according to Mr. Nitiwul, the situation cannot be allowed to continue.

Speaking on Eyewitness News, he told host Richard Dela Sky that, the clashes have over the years stalled development and other relevant socio-economic activities in the town.

“I’ll be sending reinforcement to ensure that it never happens again. It is a challenge; but I believe that challenge we can surmount it. It just calls for me and my team to ensure that this problem is solved once and for all; because we cannot continue like this so that everyone has peace. Children have to go to school not something like this.”

Mr. Nitiwul also denied that the recent violence had some political undertone.

“We are just lucky that politicians in the area did not get involved. You cannot accuse any of the politicians that they have been involved in this matter and that is just our luck that the people who could have been fanning it are not involved. It is purely a traditional matter.”

He added that the situation demands swift action and he will be fair and firm in dealing with it.

He called on residents to remain calm, and assured them that he is working with the security agencies and other relevant agencies to ensure peace is restored to the area.

By: Jonas Nyabor/


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