According to the actress her father was killed by a close friend of his because of the kind of job he was doing.

?My father died in Liberia and the reason was not because of war but a friend of his caused his death.

?Though he was killed during the Liberia war, he did not die as a result of the war,? she said in an interview with Delay on Visat 1.

Describing who her father was before he passed away, she said; ?my father was a captain of a ship and he had a lot of vessels and as a result, he was not someone who stationed at one place.?

Born Nikoletta Samonas but known to all her fans as Nikki, she graduated from KNUST in 2009 where she studied Graphic Design, TV production, Animation and Advertising.

Her first appearance in movies was in a minor role in Abdul Salam?s Beyonce and she has since featured in many others, including playing the lead role in AA Production?s Pretty Queen.
Other movies she has featured in include War of Roses, Desperate Measures, Deadly Obsession, Pretty Queen, Wrong Line and Red Label.

Source: livefmghana


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