Nii Sasaraku III
Nii Sasaraku III

…As He Marks Homowo in Style

The Dzasetse of Ngleshie James Town Alata and the Chief of Kokrobite Nii Ayinsah Sasraku III has marked this year?s Homowo in a grand style amidst drumming and dancing. The occasion witnessed a huge turnout of people from far and near who were treated with an undiluted but rich culture of the Ga people. caught up with Nii Ayinsah Sasraku the third and members of the Nii Ade Nkpa We royal family at the James Town palace also known as Mantse Agboena during a closed door meeting with Nii Oblempong Kojo Ababio V, James Town Alata Mantse where he reacted to allegations of his alleged disstoolment. He said the allegations should be treated with the contempt it deserves since Nii Oblempong Kojo AAbabio would not have entertained his presence at that moment if it was indeed true that the Ngleshie Alata Traditional council had distooled him. He explained that it was a deliberate attempt by some individuals who sought to divert attention and knock heads together within the family.

He was later granted leave to proceed to the Nii Ade Nkpa We family house by Nii Oblempong Kojo Ababio V in order to perform his rituals as Dzase tse by sprinkling the Traditional food (Kpokpoi).

Nii Ayinsah Sasraku III, clothed in a Traditional Red cloth with black strips with Adinkra symbols addressed the gathering where he challenged the youth to have a sober reflection on the way forward. According to him, there were series of challenges in the past. Such challenges served as a lesson which must not be forgotten. ?Today we are gathered here to hoot at hunger and give thanks to the Almighty God and our ancestors for protecting us throughout the year, but if we fail to unite, work hard and eschew violence, we will always meet here to perform the same rituals in the status.? He stressed that; it is only when the youth work hard in unity that there can be progress in the country.

He said, any country that does not recognize the efforts of her youth, risks losing their expertise, he called on Government to explore all avenues within its jurisdiction for rapid development.

Just us other High profile Ghanaians, Nii Ayisah Sasraku III Praised the Ghana?s Judiciary especially the Supreme Court for their high level of fairness being displayed in the ongoing Election Petition case hearing, but counselled Ghanaians especially the youth not to be deceived into causing violence irrespective of the situation.

The Overlord of Kokrobite, Tuba and Langba said ?in times like this, we may think that our neighboring countries will welcome us to their backyard should there be any turmoil. But no matter the reception, it will not be like living in a peaceful Ghana that our forefathers built for us,? he stated adding that ?we, the current generation owe it a duty to protect the freedom we have for the next generation.?

Source: Richard Adinkra


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