Nii Okaidja III
Nii Okaidja III

The Gbese Mantse of Ga State, Nii Okaidja has urged all well -meaning Ghanaians particularly the people in the Ga state to wage a relentless war against high profile corrupt practices in the society, which he described as spreading unhindered in the country.

Nii Okaidja III
Nii Okaidja III

According to the Chief of the Ga state, the darkness of corruption, fraud, greed, self-serving leadership, disregard for the poor was thicker than the darkness, stressing the urgent need for all Ghanaians to wake up in the fighting against this social canker in the Ghanaian society.

Nii Okaidja made this remark in Accra yesterday in the New Year’s message to Ghanaians.
“It is my fervent hope that this year will end with the eradication of all the wrong-doings which have come our way and the incoming New Year will bring peace, sense of balance, oneness, dignity and renewed confidence to see our way clear. I have always believed that our problems will come to an end through the propagation of peace and fearlessness.”

He explained that societal transformation and economic progress had direct link to the immorality and character of individuals, adding that strong emphasis on the morality and character was the foundation of the economic development of America.

He stressed that there was a need for transformational leadership to reverse the unfortunate perception of leadership in Africa as corrupt, self-serving and inability to deal with challenges that have plagued the continent.

Nii Okaidja observed that value-based education played an important role in providing solutions to the corruption and fraudulent predicament.

Read below the full New Year message from Nii Okaidja.

This year is finally coming to an end. And as always, we close it with a high spirit but welcome the New Year with even higher one.

This year became the 35th year of the Gbese dispute since its commencement in 1980. It was a simple, uncomplicated matter which should have been resolved in a matter of weeks, if not days; but due to the exceptional trickery, rouses and frauds engaged by the perpetrators it got this far. Think of the monies wasted; the time consumed and the deprivation it has cost the Gbese community; in particular the youth and the up-and-coming generation.

At the start of the dispute false charges were made against the legitimately enstooled Nii Ayitey Agbofu II, my predecessor. To start with, an affidavit was sworn by people who blatantly used falsehood to create a new “royal” name – as Naa Akua Onidin (/) or a.k.a. Nii Akwete Krobo Saki – a name which is not known in the Gbese 1941 Deed of Agreement. They swore to a declaration that my predecessor did not hail from any of the three Royal Houses of Gbese at all – WHICH, OF COURSE, WAS NOT TRUE. Then somewhere down the line, Thomas Okine’s lawyer Adumoa Bossman stated that Nii Agbofu II, this time, hailed from Nii Tetteh Ankamah Royal House (which, in fact is where I hail from; NOT my predecessor). Then finally they admitted that Nii Agbofu II hailed from Penshiaku Royal House, the First Royal Ruling House confirmed in the Gbese 1941 Deed of Agreement.

Then Nii Ayitey Agbofu II, my predecessor, sadly died on the 27th July 2002 while the case was still going at Dodowa. Yet on the 17th February 2003, some seven months after his demise, judgment was given against the dead chief! It has been this Dodowa judgment, dubbed the “king-ping” which has been the noose round my neck. I was dragged before the court for being in contempt of it; but I won. It was this very same Dodowa judgment which brought the rival Thomas Okaine in contest with me.

By God’s grace this year saw the final nail in the coffin in the 7-0 Review by the Supreme Court (26/2/15). The review confirmed the earlier 5-0 Supreme Court judgment which declared the Dodowa judgment NULL AND VOID. That should have been the end of the Gbese dispute with only one Chief in state; being myself; but oh no! Their experienced Lawyer Adumoa Bossman decided to drag the matter back to the “reconstituted Ga Traditional Council” for it to “declare who the true Gbese Mantse is”. For information, there is a Ruling by His Lordship Justice Ofori Atta (Suit No. AP164/2010 dated 23/2/12) that “ Nii Okaidja III has not been DISTOOLED, ABDICATED, or DIED or OUSTED FROM OFFICE AS GBESE MANTSE…” The same ruling at page 16 confirmed the Restraining Order against Thomas Okaine. This Ruling has NOT been appealed against and therefore for all intense and purposes it stands and MUST be complied with; as good, law-abiding people should.

You will remember that on Friday the 11th June 2011 thugs invaded the Ga Traditional Council and chased the bona fide members (which includes myself) away; then the following Monday 13th June 2011, Thomas Okaine – while under a Restraining Order – illegally declared Adama Latche another “ga mantse” at the time when King Tackie Tawiah III was still in office as the Ga Mantse. Government Ministers responsible for this part of the administration sat and watched the propagation of this illegality; at times they even gave a lending hand by paying curtesy visits to the “new ga mantse” and the fake chiefs.

This year has seen mysterious missing dockets on a set hearing day when Defendant and his Lawyer did not show up in court; even though there were properly served for the hearing. The question on everybody’s mouth on the day was “did they know the docket was going missing?”
This year has seen the “reconstituted Ga traditional Council” declare their own Restraining Order (made against Thomas Okaine on 8/8/08) NULL AND VOID when, in fact, they have no such authority to do so; since the order has been confirmed by a Higher Court. The stark ignorance of the Judicial Committee in making that declaration is in itself a confirmation that the Restraining Order is still in force even as at now.

This year has seen the same reconstituted traditional council give a default ruling against me (10/2/15) in the weirdest circumstances. But of cause, same was overturned by a Higher Court (22/4/15)! A council, with the full knowledge that I was out of the country, posted hearing notice on my wall on Friday for hearing the following Tuesday! (The preceding Monday was a Bank Holiday) – therefore I was given only ONE DAY notice. But when I flew in on that holiday Monday night and appeared before the Judicial Committee the next day Tuesday, there was such a shock wave of a magnitude never before experienced that the Judicial Committee had to adjourn the matter sine die! Then when later they chose a new hearing date (at the time when they knew I was AROUND), they decided NOT to post the hearing notice on my wall (as they have done before) or even serve me the notice.

The matter was therefore heard in my absence and a default judgment was given against me! When my Lawyer challenged the Registrar on that point she, in collaboration with the Judicial Committee lied that a Bailiff had come to my house on two occasions to serve the notice but I “ran away” on seeing the Bailiff! Little did they know that my house is wired and armed with CCTV recording cameras 24/7 & 365 days. When the recordings of the specific days were viewed, there was no record of any Bailiff coming to the house or attempting to serve me at all! PERHAPS THE PARTICULAR BAILIFF WAS A GOST! I admit that my CCTV cameras are not equipped to record images of ghosts!

This year we have experienced some blatant unjustifiable facts:-

1) That a Restraining Order has been and still being defied by both Defendant and his Lawyer
2) That when two people are fighting over one chieftaincy position, one person’s name is unconstitutionally, illegally and fraudulently inserted in the National Register while the case is still pending in court!
3) That the one whose name has been illegally inserted in the National Register is using that stance to extort monies from unsuspecting clients/tenants of Ga, Gbese, Korle lands. Furthermore, with the help of some politicians, he is looting and sharing Ga lands for personal gains

4) That the illegally constituted Ga Traditional Council has been divisive in that it has been issuing letters to prevent the youth from enjoying their planned activities on the pretext that the youths are supporters of Nii Okaidja; when in fact, they are only defending the truth and justice

5) That the same council has been attempting to prevent funeral activities of certain people while supporting others in the same community – a council should be seen to embrace all NOT to be divisive
6) That the illegally constituted Ga Traditional Council is very much aware of those individuals who are bent on causing disturbances at Gbese; yet have buried their heads in the sand

7) That the same Council has supervised the deletion of a signature of a legitimate Chief from Ga, Gbese Korle Document and replaced it with that of a Wulomo whose position is questionable.

Dishonesty and fraudulent acts have featured prominently in this dispute. But FRAUD they say weakens the effectiveness of everything it achieves and there is no time limit by which you can undo what has been achieved fraudulently.

It is my fervent hope that this year will end with the eradication of all the wrong-doings which have come our way and the incoming New Year will bring peace, sense of balance, oneness, dignity and renewed confidence to see our way clear. I have always believed that our problems will come to an end through the propagation of peace and fearlessness. I take this opportunity therefore to thank all the followers who accepted that notion and refrained from retaliation and violence; especially those who have been injured and hospitalised for defending the truth. The Ga State and for that matter the properly enstooled Ga Chiefs will be seen on par with their contemporaries from other parts of the country. And someday; somewhere; somehow; someone in this country of ours, will realise that a Ga Chief also deserves an award too for his silent campaign for peace and tranquillity! A HAPPY AND PROSPOROUS NEW YEAR AWAITS US ALL.


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