wpid-Demolishes.JPGDavid Quaye aka Nii kotobabi has issued a directive through his legal consultants to some residents of batsona situated off the spintex road and under the nungua district to vacate their property or have their buildings demolished if they fail to comply with his directives.

Residents of the neighborhood say they received a letter sometime in the month of May 2014 to vacate the land their homes where on by the 30th?of May 2014. This came as a great shock as some of them have been inhabitants of their properties for as long as 15 years till date.

All though most of them have had their personal legal counsel respond to this notice, a new reminder notice have been dispatched and pasted on the homes reminding them of a demolition Nii Kotobabi wishes to undertake with possible support from the Ghana Police Service.

Residents are in the process of responding to the new letter and are calling on local authorities to come assist them in protecting their properties and investments they have toiled for.


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