The Chief of Obilieman –Opah, in the Ga-West Municipal Assembly, Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka I have paid a courtesy call on the Chief of Amansaman, Nii Amasa Oseiku II in Accra.

The visit was aimed at introducing himself to the Chief and also discussing issues of mutual interest pertaining to the Ga- State.

Welcoming the delegation, the Chief of Amansaman, Nii Amasa Oseiku II who had been on the stool for 43 years expressed the gratitude of the indigenous of Amansaman to the Obilieman –Opah traditional ruler and his elders for the respect accorded him and his elders.

He asserted: “I’m happy that the Paramount Chief of Abola-Piam We ,who doubles as Chief of Obilieman –Opah has come to my palace to pay me a visit so as to bring development to the district and I pledged that we are prepared to support him in his rule,”

He advised him to be of good conduct so as not to bring disgrace upon himself, the stool and the community at large, stressing that his stay on the stool depends on his good conduct.

Nii Amasa Oseiku II, urged, the Acting Paramount Chief of Abola Piam We, to exhibit humility, respect elders and collaborate with him in order to bring development to the municipal.

In addition, he counselled him to bring peace into the communities that are at longer –heads with each other so as to maintain solidarity so as to restore public confidence in chiefs.

Niii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka I who is also the Acting Paramount Chief of Abola Piam We, expressed appreciation to the Chief of Amansaman and his elders for their support over the past two years when he was installed as Chief of Obilieman- Opah and was hopeful to enjoy the same cooperation in future.

Niii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka described the Chief as a father whiles extolling him for his leadership style which he said is devoid of violence and litigation for the past 43 years when he ascended the Amansaman throne.

He appealed to the Chief to support him through mentorship so that he would be able to bring infrastructural development to the people of Obilieman –Opah within Ga-West Municipality located in the Greater -Accra region.

The Paramount Chief of Abola-Piam We, reaffirmed his desire to bring unity among all the sub- chiefs under the Ga-State so as to maintain peace, unity and respect which was accorded to chiefs hitherto the current chieftaincy crisis in the Ga- State.

By: Judith Sitsope