The Director General of Dr. Ahmed Moddibo?s Campaign Organisationin the forthcoming gubernatorial polls in Adamawa State, Barrister Sunday Joshua Wungari has said that other contestants in the race have nothing good for the state insisting that Moddibo is the Messiah. Wungari, a constitutional lawyerhad earlier led some Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) top shots to purchase nomination forms for Gov. Bala James Nggilari in the controversial primaries which produced MalamNuhuRibadu as the party?s candidate. Wungari in an interview with select journalists inYola spoke on the 2015 general elections. WALE AKINTUNDE was there. Excerpts:
The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) recently announcednew dates for the general election, what is you take on this?
I am not happy with the postponement. As far as I am concerned, the postponement is uncalled for and it has indicted INEC, the federal government and the leader of PDP, President Goodluck Jonathan. The security agents are also indicted for complicity.? The time table for the election had been out since Jan 2014 only for INEC to come out a week to the polls to say the election cannot take place thus ridiculing the nation on the international scene. To say that within six weeks, every other thing will take place is a serious disappointment. I will call on every Nigerian to remain resolute and believe that change must come; we shall ensure that on 28 March and April 11 Nigerians will speak with one voice.
Political parties are counting down on the big day of 2015 general elections especially the Presidential polls. How prepared is the PDM?

PDM is very much prepared for the Presidential election even though as a political party, we don’t have a Presidential candidate. But as an individual we have reached a stage where we cannot afford folding our arms and playing the ostrich. As a person in my capacity as Sunday Joshua Wungari, I have a presidential candidate and my choice of cause is General MuhammaduBuhari(APC) Presidential flag? bearer. We do not need anybody to come and tell us that the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria today,GoodluckEbele Jonathan lacks the capacity to govern Nigeria. He has messed up all the goodwill and every of the votes the good people of Nigeria purportedly gave him in 2011. And in this circumstance, we are left with no option, we are left with no choice than to vote devoid of sentiment, tribe attachment or whatever divides. Because most of the mistakes we made in 2011 was because we voted based on sentiment, primordial interest anchored on assumption. But elections as far as we are concerned this time around is beyond sentiment and primordial interest. Why? If you make a mistake with your vote, you pay a very high price. We have paid the price especially in the North East by way of insurgency that has eaten up virtually all the states in North East region.

Few months back Barrister Sunday Joshua Wungari name rang bell across Adamawa State as one of the PDP chieftains championing the cause of Barrister BalaJames ?Nggilari for Governor come 2015, why the sudden change?
Well as a chieftain of the PDP then, we believe in the PDP as a political party and its ideology. We joined PDP because we believed that Chief Joel Madaki, the state chairman of the party had a good purpose, a good intention and his Secretary, Barrister A.T. Shehu. Webelieved in their crusade championed by Alh. BamangaTukur then, that there will be change, change for democracy to be rooted in the nation’s political landscape. We can testify, because we all know that these people did a very good job to sanitize PDP. But as usual the?hawks?have taken the advantage of an incompetent president who is the leader of the party and his lack of comprehension of the political situation in Nigeria. They misled him; they took over; they mismanaged all the goodwill. Even the governor himself, with all due respects, we championed the cause for him to emerge or to contest the governorship of the state without consulting anyone believing that having passed through Baptism of fire, having seen the effect of mismanagement of goodwill and the government that came? on popular demand and support of the good people of the state. He became something else. He involved himself in many issues that made us uncomfortable. He refused to be a Governor. He refused to be a champion of Democracy.
He went alone; at the end we discovered that this man cannot safe us. This man cannot lead.He lacks the basis for leadership. He could not fight for the good people of Adamawa State. He was only thinking about himself as you have seen now. He never contested for the senate but now the candidate of senate. He is not a democrat. I have respect for him as a person, as an administrator he has failed us. So we have to look a leadership that can take us to the promised land and the leadership lies in Dr. Moddibo.
What is your principal?s position to speculation going around in the state that Dr Ahmed Moddibo connived with some elements in the EFCC, to declare Abdul-AziziNyako a senatorial aspirant wanted to pave way for his wife, Hon AishatuBinaniDahiru in the central senatorial race?
Well as a Director General of Moddibo campaign organisation, this allegation is laughable, it is funny in the sense that for somebody to forge such story for political capital that DrModdibo has a hand in the purported declaration of Abdul Azizi and His father wanted by the EFCC. Then we thank God that Dr. Moddibo controls all the government agencies in Nigeria. It shows that we do not have a government or this agency do not know what they are doing. For somebody to come to say that Dr. Moddibo is doing this because Abdul Azizi is contesting against his wife, I wonder what will happen to other gubernatorial candidate contesting against Moddibo. So, by and large, I will want to debunk thestory that Dr. Moddibo is behind Nyako and his son? ordeal.Moddibo is a gentleman, a man of proven integrity, he does not know anything about the declaration. However, as far as we are concerned, the contest for central senatorial zone is between Eng. Ishatu Ahmed Binani and others, not between Abdul AziziNyako. As much as we can say authoritatively, the race is for only one candidate, which is Binani but the others are just there to run the race and not to win. They are just there to fulfill all righteousness. We all know, even you that is not from Adamawa State you don?t need any soothsayer to tell you that Binani is the only serious candidate in the contest whereas the others are just there to participate for records.

As a constitutional lawyer don’t you forsee any danger ahead in regard to BalaNggilari?s senatorial ticket considering the fact that it was Barrister Ahmed Gulak that?was declared by the PDP as the winner of the party primary?

Luckily for the two of them,they are all lawyers. Gulak is a respected lawyer; Governor Nggilari is also a lawyer. Gulak and others?went and conducted their own primaries in Abuja rightly or wrongly. Although I am not part of the PDP now, so in my own view I believe Barrister Gulak as a lawyer, who is having a certificate of return given to him by the party can go to court. Luckily the court has called of its national strike. Federal High Court is open, so he can file his own case against the PDP for unlawful substitution of his name with Nggilari. It is a matter of fact thatNggilari did not contest in the PDP senatorial primaries which INEC and PDP claims he emerged the winner. If Gulak is ready to sell his mandate, fine and good, that is their own headache.

The political popularity of PDP and APC?has put the two political parties at advantageous position in the mind of the electorate. How will PDM sell its candidate in a political environment dominated by these two giant parties?

The two political parties Presidential candidates vying for the office of number one citizen of this country came to us in Adamawa State of recent. President Jonathan came to us as a sitting President and Flag bearer of the PDP, in the presidential contest. We have seen how empty Ribadu Square the venue of his rally was despite the fact that he is a sitting President. Also, General MuhhammaduBuhari, the Presidential candidate of APC came in, he has general goodwill and support that cut across all political parties including people that have no affiliation with any political party. Because of Buhari?s credibility, his wide acceptance make them adopt him as their candidate that was why a lot of people went for his rally, that does not translate into total and complete support to APC in Adamawa State.

Based on the security situation in Yobe, Borno and Adamawa states, do you foresee elections taking place in what is regarded asa dangerous zone?

As far as I am concerned,?I am saying this with all sense of responsibility, if any insurgent attack happen in any part of Adamawa State right from today, it?s because the government refuses to carry out its responsibility.? What we are made to believe when President Jonathan came here for his rally was that Michika has been recaptured. Truly if Michika had been liberated as Mr. President says, what we expected is that the Nigerians troops will move to their next destination and recapture Madagali. Any attack from the Boko Haram insurgents anywhere in the state will make us believe?that the government is making attempt to thwart the democratic?process. We are convinced that every attempt you see PDP making is to ensure that they kill the spirit of ordinary Nigerian who is eager to go for the poll and exercise their civil right. PDP is more dangerous than danger, and more devilish than Devil itself.

How do you intend to reach out to the IDPs since they constitute considerable voters in the elections?

I am also IDP as I am talking to you. Members of my immediate family are all IDPs. I am from Mubi North, we left our homes because the insurgents sacked us. My father lost his life in this struggle of Boko Haram attack. The IDPs are my family; we eat food in the same plate. We drink from the same cup. So if I myself as IDP speaking to you now, you should know that we have a meeting point despite the fact that I sleep in a place I call a home. Anyway my house is also IDPs camp as well. There are IDPs camps in my house so we should know that the IDPs are my family.

There are big names in the Guber contest in Adamawa State such as MalamNuhuRibadu, Senator BindowJibrila, Engineer Markus Gundiri, what quality do you think your principal has that these political actors do not have?

I have respect for all the flag bearers of various political parties who are contesting for Adamawa Government House.NuhuRibadu, before now is somebody that was projected as an honourable man, a man of honour, man of principle, an upright man. But we are all witnesses to what transpired in the PDP that led to his emergence as candidate of the Party. If truly, truly, NuhuRibadu is a man of Honour, integrity, he will never, never be part of such fraud that characterised the PDP primaries in the state. What happened in PDP primaries is the greatest fraud ever frosted on the people of Nigeria by any political party. With this,Ribadu at this?point has lost all sense of integrity, decorum and really, if?he has conscience, it should have?been pricking him. And if trulyRibadu is a man of principle, he would have come out to tell the peoplehe cannot become a party candidate under this circumstance if he believes in doing things in the right way. Hon BindowJibrila is gubernatorial candidate of APC. Governance is about capacity and ability. If you X-Ray him clearly you find out that he lacks the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual capacity to lead Adamawa State. Specifically?in this precarious era, anybody that will be the governor of the state after the 2015 election is not a lucky man, he is an unfortunate person. The person is coming to grapple with a lot of challenges. Firstly the insurgency taking over seven local government areas and it has completely destroyed the economics of seven local government areas out of the 21 local government areas of the state. The seven local governments constitute 54 percent of land mass of Adamawa State; the seven local governments constitute 45 percent of economy of the state. And it constitute almost 75 percent of the population of the state. With this, there is no doubt that the government that will come in must have to think and work about resettlement, habitation, road construction, bridge and reunite people. People that were divided because of the irresponsibility of the government in the sense that there is mistrust because of the way government handled the issue of insurgency. Now the people need to be reconciled, reunited, and resettled. Every government agency as far as these areas are concerned have collapsed.
We all know what Nigeria as a country is relying on as its foreign exchange earns which is the oil. Oil now is 52 dollar per barrel; the nation?s budget has been affected by the price of crude oil. We must accept the fact that our economy is running on deficit. The so called foreign reserve is no more there. These people in government have stolen all. This country is broke we should stop looking at allocation from the federation account; somebody must look at what he will generate internally to pay salaries, to fine-tune infrastructure and look for international support. Most of the people in APC in Adamawa State are Nyako people who are responsible for part of our problems formed part of our division. They started from the PDP to APC. APC, in the state is constituted by people of questionable characters and integrity. Definitely, we have challenges, the only person who has the capacity among the various candidates fielded by various political parties to fix things in the state; who has the zeal and who is spiritually prepared and has demonstrated good leadership; who believe it is the people that should choose their leader and not somebody else and has been consistent democratically is Dr. Ahmed Moddibo. I am not speaking this because I am his DG campaign. You know I am the convener of Adamawa Progressive Movement after the botched PDP primaries. As a movement that believe in the future of the state, we have made a decision that having studied all the candidatesand their antecedents and pedigree, we believe that Dr. Moddibo is the right choice for Adamawa people because no other candidate has compassion for Adamawa. None of them is humble enough or prepare spiritually for the task ahead.
Why blaming Ribadu when President Goodluck Jonathan in his rally in the state said that he is the brain behind the emergence of MalamRibadu?

The President claimed during his rally in Adamawa State that he is the brain behind?Nuhu?semergence , thank God that he came here and told us that. We all know that a failure cannot groom a success. President Goodluck as a President is lacking capacity to rule this great nation; he is a failure in all ramifications. Look at our nation, the fabric that has been keeping us as a nation is no longer there. Nigeria is a divided nation under the eye of Jonathan today. It has manifested clearly under his leadership that the nation has been brought to its knee. If this same person will groom someone to take charge of Adamawa affairs, every responsible person, every patriotic Nigeria must distance itself from such a person, because such a person can never bear any good fruit because a tree is known by its fruit.

The military command has promised to assist INEC during the general polls don’t you think their presence may intimidate electorate?

Ordinarily, military presence may have been a kind of intimidation, but not now based on our experience. Because we know our military, the military which ran away during the insurgents attack. They were running faster than civilians, so if any military man is to intimidate any person in Adamawa State, having seen what we have seen, then we must be ready for anything. No military man as I am talking to you can intimidate me today. I am better than them; the difference between us is that they have arms. I am telling you based on our experience in Adamawa State. Nobody is afraid of the arms now if miscreants who called themselves Boko Haram carrying nothing will chase away military men with sticks, do you think they will be used againstNigerians. No military man will allow himself to be used by anybody. Greatest casualties of irresponsible government are the police, the military, the security agents are the greatest casualties of an irresponsible government and I am sure they know better that under President Goodluck Jonathan. They should not allow themselves to be used during the election and we will resist any attempt to be used against the people of the state. We have recorded many deaths, some of us lost our beloved ones and properties because of irresponsible of government including the military during the insurgency. Therefore when it comes to enforcing our rights, no military man should stand on our ways, so we will not be afraid of anybody. It either we live and live comfortably or die as heroes.
Do you foresee free and fair election in the country?
As far as I am concerned, free and fair election is just a name. It is people that will force the government to have free and fair elections. And we are ready to force the government to ensure that there is free and fair polls. If people of Adamawa State, the people of Nigeria fail to sacrifice their lives because of this 2015 elections. We should be ready to die in misery if our present crops of leaders continue in leadership. They care not about our children, they care not about our well being, all they care about is their pockets, our continue suffering even our death, they don?t mind. Whoever does not feel the pangs of the insurgency should tell us truly he is living in a different continent. People are dying of hunger and there are greater hunger ahead. For instance, from Madagali to Gombi no one can able to make a good harvest this time around after investing much on our faming. Hunger is looming, nobody is talking. People will die of hunger from Zakibia to Jalingo there are no farms, no yam, no beans, no maize, nothing. This, our green reserve in Yola, is empty, nothing is there. People must not be misled, people are going to die of hunger if PDP is to remain in power. A vote for PDP is a vote for crisis and death. In this 2015 election it is either we choice credible leaders to salvage us despite the difficulties ahead or we should prepare for death because that is what we are seeing; welcome to hell.


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