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Nigeria’s parliament on Wednesday urged a full-scale investigation into the alleged attacks on Nigerian traders in Ghana, saying its aim is to prevent another round of xenophobic attacks on the citizens.

At a plenary in Abuja, the House of Representatives described the attacks as “a transfer of aggression by Ghanaians over the closure of Nigeria’s land borders”.


The Nigerian parliament urged the foreign affairs ministry to immediately investigate the attacks.

“There’s a need to consider and investigate the recent developments among traders in Ghana and ensure that another xenophobia attack on Nigerians is prevented,” the parliament said in a statement.

Tolulope Akande-Sadipe, who heads the committee in diaspora affairs at the parliament, said over 600 shops belonging to foreign traders, particularly Nigerians, at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Ghana, were locked up by members of the Ghana Union of Traders Association.

“The House is also informed that this is not the first time the quest to rid the Ghanaian market of foreign traders, who are engaging in retail businesses, has occurred. There was a case last month where Ghanaian traders at Opera Square in Accra locked up shops belonging to foreign nationals involved in retail businesses. Most of the shops were believed to belong to Nigerians,” Akande-Sadipe said.

The Nigerian MP partly attributed the cause of the attacks to the failure of the traders to regularize their business concerns as prescribed by the local law and the inability to provide necessary documents such as passports, resident and work permit, among others.

About four persons have so far been hurt and six persons arrested following the recent attacks, the parliament noted.

Ghanaian officials and police force have called on all traders to call off the forced closures and blockades in the streets, believing that any clampdown could cause more havoc and strain the relationship with Nigeria. Enditem


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