President of National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN), Dr Lugard Aimiuwu,?on Wednesday?urged Nigerians to be patriotic in the fight against corruption.
Aimiuwu, who made the call in an interview in Lagos, said that Nigeria had cause to celebrate Democracy Day in spite of the level of corruption.
He described corruption as an ?old demon? that had ravaged the nation for a long period and had deprived ordinary citizens of dividends of democracy.
Aimiuwu said that apart from corruption and abuse of office, some other deviant behaviour like extremism had ?crept in.
He said that the game plan of the extremists was to scatter the country in order to create a situation for disintegration.
The expert said that in spite of these challenges, Nigeria was still strong as a united entity.
?The right noises are being made when you talk about democracy and there is cause for celebration.
?This is because the will of the nation has been tested and tested over and over again in a number of areas.
?Somehow or the other, the worst has not happened; there has not been any disintegration.?
Aimiuwu said that no Nigerian leader had come out to declare hostilities, which he said, showed that Nigeria was still a single entity.
He said that Nigeria was now ready to put a price on corruption which was a good development.
?Once a nation could do that, it shows that the nation is already finding a solution to it.
?An example of that is that it is always an issue in public discussion and people have never stopped to talk about it.
?Morally, we are in a right direction for democratic dispensation,? he said.


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