After so many years of background work, Emerald, a drama series that is poised to redefine Nigeria?s TV drama landscape, is set to begin airing on the two leading TV Networks in Nigeria ? NTA Network at 10pm every Friday and AIT Network every Wednesday & Thursday at 7.30pm. Transmission will begin in July, 2013.

Emerald Season One, shot in full HD format is typically Nigerian with a mix of all the issues that affects us all in our daily interactions. The viewer will be inspired by the different characters as he/she identifies with them through their pains, suffering and joyful moments.  The story explores the age-long truth that when it comes to emotions, the barrier of status, whether rich, middle class or poor, is broken down. The setting of the drama is in West Africa and the cast parades some of the best actors in Nigeria, both established and budding.

Emerald Drama Series is the first of many drama series to be produced by SevenSeries Production, a TV Content Production and Distribution Company, in conjunction with FirsTV Studios, a complete, fully equipped one-stop TV production facility. According to the producers, the motivation behind the multi-million naira project is to put Nigeria back in the global drama space via a proudly Nigerian production made to international standard that will appeal to every strata of the viewing public. On Emerald, careful attention has thus been paid in selecting the storyline, cast, crew, studio setting, locations and equipment, to ensure top-notch production quality.

Emerald is not just another TV drama series that claims to be unique without convincing differentiating factors, Emerald is an international quality television drama series produced in Nigeria, by Nigerians, for local and international audience.


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