Fela recognised that the problem with NESI is huge as he said: “my problem e no small at all, nothing de for me to sing about. If something good de I go sing, everything e de e no de good. If I sing say, food no de, na old news be that. If I sing say, water no de, na old news be that. If I sing say, electric light no de, na old news be that. Na old old, old news be that o. Na old news be that. I can’t sing say, “infilation”, mismanagement, stealing by government,

na old news be that. Na old, old, old news be that o. The problems still de paparapa (no end in sight to the cry of Up NEPA!)
Then, because of the absence of stable electricity supply, there will exist vices and robbery in different forms. This will include, says Fela, leg robbery, pick-pockets, armed robbery with guns, kidnapping, head robbery (executive, legislative and Judiciary), authority stealing by public office holders- free stealing will be the norm and generally acceptable policy in the country!
Hear him in another of his 1980 hits “Authority Stealing Pass Armed Robbery”

“Authority people dem go de steal, public contribute plenty money. Na him authority people de steal. Authority man no de pick pocket, na plenty cash him go de pick. Armed robber him need gun, authority man him need pen. Authority man in charge of money, him no need gun, him need pen. Pen get power, gun no get. If gun steal eighty thousand naira (80,000 Naira), pen go steal two billion naira (2 billion Naira). You no go hear dem shout: thief, thief, thief. You no go hear them shout at all: rogue, rogue, rogue. You no go hear dem say: robber robber…”

There must be a reason why we have not been told what has or will become of all the looted funds recovered from mid-2015 to date!!! Will they be used in 2019?

Fela mentioned the sort of words that very readily deceive Nigerians. So, when next you hear these words, please take cover.

“Mis-appropriation, yes, yes, yes, mal-administration, yes, yes, yes, nepotism, yes, yes, yes, mitigation, yes, yes, yes, make I remember another one wey dem de use, “defraudulment”, “forgeralization”, embezzlement, vilification, mismanagement, public enquiry, yes, yes, yes. Authority stealing pass armed robbery. We African must do something about this nonsense, yes, yes, yes. We say we must do something about this nonsense. Because now authority stealing pass armed robbery…”

Note that according to Fela, Pafuka (the wanton and deliberate destruction of established norms, values and institutions) will eventually kill Nigeria- Pafuka na quench!!

In a direct hit, Fela in the Egypt 80 expose´ wondered why the electricity conundrum existed. He described its appearance as one of the vocabularies of problems in the lips of Nigerians back then as happening “just Like that”. In the song written about the problem of lack of electricity “Just Like that” culled from his “Egypt ‘80” performance, Fela said: “Akuba, oroyan (2ce), white man rule us for many years we get electricity constantly, our people come take over dem come build kainji dam. Dem come build the dam finish electricity come stop. One year, two years, twelve years till now no electricity for town. Just Like That (x10)”

To be continued………..

By Idowu Oyebanjo