Mohammed Lafiya New IGP
Mohammed Abubakar Adamu New IGP

Nigerian police issued an immediate ban on unauthorized use of unmarked cars and those with covered vehicle number plates across the country.

The ban was issued through a statement by Nigeria’s police chief Mohammed Adamu on Tuesday in Abuja, the nation’s capital.

Adamu said intelligence reports revealed that covered number plates might be used to commit electoral related offenses before, during and after the governorship elections slated for Saturday.

He warned that covering of vehicle number plates was a clear breach of road traffic act and other laws of the land.

The police chief said such practices could also have negative impacts on national security and heighten criminal activities.

Adamu directed all formation to strictly enforce the order.

He also warned that any security personnel found escorting their principals with an unmarked vehicle or those with covered vehicle number plates would be arrested and dealt with accordingly. Enditem


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