Ogbonu was found with over one kilogram of heroine-filled pellets floating in his gut

Authorities have arrested a man who they believe is a drug courier from Nigeria, according to ABC News. Okechukwu Ogbonu, who arrived at the airport on Emirates flight 211 from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, was found with over one kilogram of heroine-filled pellets floating in his gut. An investigation is currently underway.

Officials noticed Ogbonu was acting a little fishy during his journey through the busy airport, prompting authorities to pull the man aside. After looking into his itinerary from the past seven days, suspicions began to rise. Ogbonu agreed to participate in an X-ray exam, which ultimately revealed the countless capsules contained within his stomach and intestines.

The Dreamin’ Demon reports that Ogbonu eventually expelled one of the latex-covered containers. Following a field test, it was determined that the substance contained inside was, in fact, heroine. Until his body manages to pass all of those other capsules, the suspect will remain in the custody of medical professionals.

“This apprehension is an example of the commitment of CBP officers to disrupting alleged illegal activity that could pose a devastating threat to the American public,” Jeffrey O. Baldwin Sr., Customs and Border Protection of Houston Field Operations, explained to ABC.

Drug couriers often employ the use of body packing (aka body stuffing), which allows the individual to carry illegal drugs inside their stomach and intestines while moving from place to place. In addition to the legal trouble you could face for participating in such an act, the courier is also in danger of becoming poisoned by the substances he or she is carrying.

In one of the more famous examples of body stuffing, Montoya De Hernandez attempted to smuggle 88 cocaine-filled balloons into the United States inside her belly. The woman was detained by customs inspectors for 16 hours while she passed the containers from her system.

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