Nigerian Busted With Drugs

NACOB Official explaining the result of the test to the suspect

A 38-year-old Nigerian who attempted to use Ghana as a transit point to transport about 2.5 kilograms of narcotic drugs concealed in condoms from Venezuela has been arrested by the police.

The suspect, John Amaechi, was accosted upon a tip-off on Tuesday, April 17, 2012 around 10am at the Neoplan station when he was awaiting a bus to Nigeria.

He is currently in police custody assisting in their investigations.

Briefing the press, the Accra Regional Police Commander, DCOP Patrick Timbillah, said the suspect arrived from Venezuela on Monday April 16, 2012.

Upon a tip off, the police accosted him at the Neoplan station whilst awaiting a vehicle to Nigeria on Tuesday April 17, 2012.

A search conducted in his luggage led to the discovery of a whitish substance concealed in a black polythene bag, initially suspected to be cocaine.

A field test on some of the substances by the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) officials invited by the police revealed that they were heroine and amphetamine.

Some of the substances which were concealed in about 35 pieces of condoms are yet to be tested by NACOB.

The suspect has been handed over to NACOB for further action.

DCOP Timbilla commended the informants who helped the police to arrest the suspect.

He said policing or combating crime was a shared responsibility and not preserve of the police alone.

“There is the need for all and sundry to assist the police in its operation by volunteering relevant and timely information.”

He urged the public not to hesitate to support the police in their operations by giving out information on criminals, criminal activities and hideouts of criminals.

Source Daily Guide Ghana


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