Advises government to invite investors who will establish production industry in the country

The International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) has warned the country against cassava export, saying Nigeria will not get full value from the export because finished products will come at exorbitant prices.

The IITA Station Manager, Olusegun Adunoye, made this known in Abuja on Sunday.

“If Nigeria exports its cassava, it will only be refined and sold back to us at exorbitant prices,” Adunoye pointed out.

He said Nigeria should produce and refine its cassava, as that would not only generate more revenue for the country, it would also empower the youths.

Adunoye advised the government to invite interested investors into the country.

“We should not export our cassava, instead, we should encourage other countries that need cassava to come and open industry in Nigeria,” he said.

“We would not get value for our effort once we start exporting cassava.”

The station manager said that the world had turned Africa to a farm where raw materials came from “and that is perpetual enslavement.

“There must be processing and value addition in Africa.”

Adunoye, however, said that the use of cassava in bread baking, pastries and confectioneries would reduce the importing bills of the country.

He added that it would also make the lives of the poor farmers better.

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