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Clayton Udoh

Hon. Rotimi Osunsan , this caption is not true:


           I will answer you carefully because I have seen enough of this. The words you used to describe thousands of Nigerians was Selfish,Self-Centered,Pretenders,Stupid and even Silly. Their only crime is living outside Nigeria and not kneeling before you and calling you honorable and begging you for money.
There are four things we do when we encounter something we do not understand. 

  • You look at it and wonder what it is all about
  • You refuse to have anything to do with it
  • You try to align with it and identify with it
  • You attack it in an attempt to make it look useless and that you are superior to the very thing you have questions about(Typical Nigerian).

It looks like you interact with the people who won visa lottery and come here without any education and hence “slave” like you say. 
On the other hand,the way you speak about people over here,says volumes to me about the kind of person you are !
There are a lot of us who live here that make minimum $250,000 a year or more. These people work in the day only, Monday-Friday(I even know those who work Monday to Thursday) and then have their Saturday and Sundays off(I am one of them). They do not have 2-3 jobs or work nights.There are a lot of us that are upright citizens of the society and are living with our families with our kids in the best schools of the land and we have positions in which the so called “Master” consults us for directions ,advice etc etc
Your picture of Diaspora, is in my opinion a reflection of what you have been exposed to and nothing else.
Talking about exposure,it cannot be the same for everybody and hence for a man like yourself and your generalizations,I am not surprised. Just like it would be really wrong for me to say that all nigerians with the title “Honorable” loot the country. You should be careful about your generalizations.
I am through with the Nigerian definition of love or Patriotism !!! It is really pigheaded. If you “love” anything; you will be real about .You will not sweep faults under the carpet and hide things and pretend that certain issues do not exist. When we look closely at the finances of Nigeria and the state of the country ,people cannot help but complain. 
Nigeria’s finances is more than so many countries in the world ! You cannot compare a lot of countries in Europe and Asia with the sort of financial power that Nigeria has but we landed in Murtala Mohammed Airport two weeks ago and there was no electricity and we are expected to shut up or you are a bad person.
You are use to people who quietly accept the status quo. 
However,You can only complain about what you love ,minus that you ignore it and move on.In that vein,there are a lot of people in Diaspora who have decided to keep quiet and move on and let Nigerians figure out their future themselves because of the Rotimi’s of this world who insult people and generalize right off the bat.
I know,they should not complain because you are used to having people call you honorable and kneel before you but the fact remains that there is what is called “Points of reference”.
What do I mean by “Points of Reference”? Not too long ago my cousin went in November,2000 to call me here from Nitel in Akwa Ibom State. Now he talks to me from his Cellphone. It takes 21 days to make a habit, he has been speaking on the cellphone for 3 years now. Do you think he will complain if anything tries to return him to the days of 2000 and his calling from Nitel ? 
Some of us have been outside Nigeria for decades, habits have been formed in us and then we get back to a society in which Blackouts are the norm,what should we do(Keep quiet and worship you) ? 
We have formed habits, don’t see why I should be standing in line sweating in the bank(First Bank of Nigeria,Uyo) because there is no electricity,for three hours,with a policeman whipping people into line with a baton ,while I am trying to bring my money to you ! 
The question I ask about people like you is; do you ever put yourself in other people’s shoes to understand their perspective? Something a true leader does. Do you “Honorables” ever see beyond your own way of doing things or levels of exposure? 
Let us start from the level of mutual respect and then maybe we shall be able to understand each others perspective !
Have a nice re-run election(God knows what will happen there)

Clayton Udoh
Mesa ,Arizona


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