The Nigerian Air Force on Wednesday reassured Nigerians that it will not give room for the Boko Haram terrorists group to acquire air capability let alone
flying the aircraft.
The Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshall Adesola Amosu said the Nigerian Air Force will bring down such aircraft or any aircraft violating Nigeria?s air space.
The Air Force Chief spoke during the opening of the force?s Logistics Seminar 2014, explaining that the Nigerian Air Force air defence mechanism is constantly active to dislodge any move by the marauding insurgents.
He said: ?We are in full control of the air space of Nigeria and in the north east we have acquired additional capability to technologically monitor the air space, we have air defence capability in the North-East and such aircraft if we intercept them we will definitely bring them down.?
Air Marshal Amosu spoke against the backdrop that the insurgents may have acquired air power capability, but they are worried about such insinuations and ?like I said somebody who is not knowledgeable will see Nigerian Air Force aircraft and say that it belong to the insurgents.?
He said that there is need to constantly visit troops in the battle front to boost their morale, calling on Nigerians to pray steadfastly for soldiers of the Nigerian Army and Air Force fighting to end the crisis in the North Eastern part of the country.
The NAF chief said there is need for seminars and workshop to constantly strategize on the new methods of combating the insurgents, adding that “the logistics seminar is an occasion to tell ourselves the truth so that we can refocus the Nigerian Air Force.?
He lamented that the porous nature of Nigerian borders explaining that if the borders are closed, the insurgents may decide to bring their supplies through other means. However, he said that efforts are on to cut off the supply point for fuel of the insurgent, adding that the military is not resting on its oars to ensure that peace returns to the North East.
He said that the timing for the logistics seminar and choice of the theme was apt and germane to Nigeria?s contemporary combat and operational environment where non-state actors have continue to undermine the peace and security of


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