Amidst divorce rumors between Nicole Richie and her husband Joel Madden, moving trucks were spotted at their Los Angeles house on Friday, May 1. According to , Nicole has told her husband to leave their house as their divorce ?is imminent.?

A source close to the couple tells the site, ?Nicole has finally had enough of Joel and she is only interested in moving on now with her life. She told him to leave the house and Joel has complied.? The source adds, ?They have been living as roommates for a very long time now. The passion fizzled out from their marriage years ago and people close to them know that they have both been doing their own thing for quite some time.?

According to the source, Nicole and Joel ?tried to work out their differences for the sake of their kids,? but ?things took a nasty turn last month when they were in counseling and it became apparent that Joel had no desire to put any effort forward to change.?

?[Joel] refuses to work on their problems and he will not admit any wrongdoing,? the source claims. ?Nicole has finally put her foot down. She has had enough. It looks like they are going to try separation. But ultimately, Nicole is done and unless Joel really grows up and puts forth the effort, divorce is imminent.?

Nicole and Joel, who tied the knot in 2010, sparked marriage problems rumors after she was spotted without her wedding ring in late April. Last week, reported that the fashion designer met a divorce lawyer. A source told the outlet, ?Nicole recently met with one of LA?s most prominent divorce attorneys and is weighing her options.?

According to the source, the couple has been ?spending more time apart because all they do is fight when they?re together.? The source added, ?The last thing she wants is a public split with the children involved, but she?s desperately unhappy. It?s better for everyone right now if they just stay apart because it?s really not working anymore. It?s very obvious to friends that a divorce announcement will probably be happening soon.?



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