Five months after their split, Nick Loeb reveals exclusively to In Touch what drove him and fianc?e Sof?a Vergara apart.


?We had different things we wanted to do with our lives,? Nick exclusively tells In Touch of why his relationship with Sof?a ended. ?She?s focused on her career. The most important thing for me is to get married and have kids. That wasn?t her focus.?

But Nick does not hold a grudge against the Modern Family actress, who is already Mom to son Manolo, 22. ?I completely understood. She?s at the height of her career, and, as she says all the time, she?s taking advantage of her 15 minutes of fame because who knows how long that will last.?

Nick even approves of Joe Manganiello. ?They are much better suited for each other,? he says, adding that he still speaks to Sof?a and considers her a friend. ?I have nothing but the highest regard for her!?



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