Nick Jonas was asked about extra-terrestrial life when he appeared on ?Late Night with Seth Meyers? on Tuesday, September 8, and admitted he believed in such things. ?I?m a firm believer in aliens and extraterrestrial life,? he told host Seth Meyers who said his close friend Demi Lovato also believed in UFOs.


?When I was 14, I was in my backyard playing basketball with some friends and I looked up into the sky and there was three flying saucers,? the former Jonas Brothers member recalled. ?Everyone said it was a movie, but I was convinced it was real. So I looked it up online and there was three identical sightings in other states.?

However, Nick admitted during the same interview that he doesn?t believe in mermaids. Laughing it off when the topic was brought up by Seth, the 22-year-old singer said mermaids are ?bulls**t.?

The Tuesday interview also witnessed Nick performing his new song ?Levels?. The singer previously performed the tune at the MTV Video Music Awards pre-show.



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