The move according to the CEO, he believes that seeking God’s intervention in all dealings paves way for divine blessings, hence the visit.

He mentioned that the need for the homage also is in line with a plan to visit well respected and influential personalities and spiritual leaders within the Ghanaian community to make known to them the activities of the scheme and that considers the sheikh as the father for all and especially to the Muslim community in the country.

Just as Muslims contribute a vast number of the Ghanaian populace the CEO mentioned that management of the scheme deemed it appropriate to align itself with the Muslim community through the sheikh and its able advisory committee.

Addressing the sheikh and the advisory committee, Mr. Otto said, over the years the scheme has rapidly progress with a current membership of 11 million compared to 1.5 million membership since its establishment in 2003 and together with management, additional effort is been added to advance the course from its current stage to a more vibrant level.

With the chalk success achieved, the NHIA boss disclosed that despite the successes by the scheme source of funding to the scheme still maintains at 2.5 of the country’s VAT and remains same as other funding.

These, he mentioned that although the scheme has some challenges and success, it is steadily on purpose in ensuring a complete and quality healthcare to the Ghanaian populace.

He stated that due to wrongful collections of levies by some health facilities, the scheme has adopted strategies to ensure transparency and one of which is a mobile app, and is yet to be introduced.

He said the app which is yet to be launched will facilitate the system to enable patients access approved services and drugs under the NHIA to help eradicate the system of wrongful payments.

Adding to that, Mr. Otto was quick to add that, management thought it wise to implement the system of mobile app in curbing the menace due to an observation that bears to the fact that technology has been on the rise and the usage of Smart, Android and other Complex phones are the most commonest devices been use, to that effect management believes the app will serve it purpose.

Again, the CEO of the NHIA seized the opportunity to cautioned citizens to avoid the attachment of politics play to the scheme.

The Chief Imam, Sheikh Nuhu Sharubutu, in its address commended management of the scheme for the visit and having done well in its operations to ensure accessibility, affordable and quality healthcare to the Ghanaian populace.
In his remarks he sought Allah’s blessings and interventions that leads to the path of strength and improvement to the team and management of NHIA as a whole.

In addition some concerns of the advisory committee were addressed by the CEO of the NHIA, Mr. Nathaniel Otto to enable them, have a clear mind of the operations of the scheme.

Caption; from left The National Chief Imam, Sheikh Nuhu Sharubutu, CEO of the NHIA Mr. Nathaniel Otto and Communications officer for NHIA Selorm

Source: Simon Agbovi


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