Ghana Nation Union of Polytechnics Students Director of Operations of My Dream Foundation, Kofi Siaw, together with his team, last week held a meeting with the Ghana Nation Union of Polytechnics Students (GNUPS) to discuss how best the organisation could support students in entrepreneurship management.

My Dream Foundation is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) based in Accra.

The one-day seminar, which brought together representatives of polytechnics in the country, was held in Accra.

According to Mr. Kofi Siaw, the aim of his Foundation is to help students irrespective of their backgrounds to bring to light their competence.

He said many students find it difficult to express themselves during interviews ?so with this programme, polytechnic students in Ghana will be groomed well enough for the job market.?

?Also, mock interviews will be available to identify were the students are lacking,? he added.

For his part, the Public Relations Officer of GNUPS, Mr. Atariwinia, lauded the NGO and stressed the management and entrepreneurship training will go a long way to enhance the capabilities of the students.

The proposal for the programme was presented to the Secretary of the Union, Mr. Magnus Amoakwah.

The Foundation has guided over thousand students in the Ashanti and Greater Accra Regions within the past four years in the area of their chosen careers.

?Last year, the Foundation sponsored part of the annual conference of the SHS Greater Accra Regional SRC and plans are far advanced to organise ?The Young Executive Project? for Senior High Schools in Greater Accra, through which over five hundred students will benefit from our leadership training and mentoring,? Mr. Kofi Siaw disclosed.

From December last year, the Foundation has supported five people through the Youth Development Fund, a social intervention programme by the Foundation.



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