Health Chief Executive Officers and Scientists Network (HSCN), a forum aimed at bringing health CEOs and Scientists to find a lasting solution to the myriad of challenges confronting the sector was launched in Accra.

The HCSN was the brain child of Health Legend Foundation Africa, a non-governmental, non-profit making health advocacy organisation and it seek to bring healthcare stakeholders together and inspire a community that would be committed to evolving healthcare delivery through proactive policy design and implementation.

It is also to create a platform for members to explore the realm of possible opportunities with insight into key issues and trends, as well as provide solutions that could help improve delivery of quality healthcare in Ghana.
Mr Kwame Dzikunu, Director of HCSN, said the network was to create a collaborative forum for CEOs in Healthcare across the country for mutually beneficial interactions; to lead in the provision of preventive healthcare and motivate health workers through annual assessment conference.

The network, he said, would continually train members on best practice standards across the world as well as foster multi-stakeholder activities with external stakeholders to ensure speedy execution of statutory and other collaborative tasks.

“It would also provide accurate and relevant information on healthcare and other sector delivery in the country for policy formulation and implementation; provide a unique distant but verifiable and accessible medium for establishing effective patient feedback mechanism for prompt redress.
“We shall also seek to partner the media in making such information available for public education across the country,” he added.

In a speech read on behalf of Professor Edmund N. Delle, President of Africa Commission of Health and Human Right Promoters, commended the initiators for their vision and urged them to continue to play the key role in the development of the sector.

He also urged them not to allow politics to divide their front but to forge in unity to achieve their goals. Dr Kwasi Nkansa, CEO, Mother-Love Hospital, Dodowa Road, urged members to put all hands on the wheel to ensure that the network succeeded in its endeavours.