Prophet John K Mensah
Prophet John K Mensah
Prophet John K Mensah
Prophet John K Mensah

Foundation for Road Disaster Prevention (FRDP), a Non-governmental organization by some retired professional drivers, has been formed to assist the National Road Safety Commission, Motor Transport and Traffic Unit, and the various Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies to curb road accidents in Ghana.


Speaking to?The aL-hAJJ?in an interview, founder of FRDP, Prophet John K Mensah noted that the rate at which lives are being lost through road accidents is terrifying, hence ?we the retired professional drivers with so many years of experience in driving came together to form this NGO to provide assistance to state agencies to curb the menace.?


According Prophet Mensah, his experience as a professional driver since 1973, has revealed that majority of road accidents are as a result of the recklessness of drivers, adding that if drivers are made to be disciplined and made to obey the High Way Codes, road accidents will be minimized.


Admitting that some of the accidents are as a result of bad roads, the FRDP founder stated ?if drivers would put to practice what they were thought in the driving schools, 99% of the road accidents could be avoided. But the irony is that most of them did not go to driving school, they learned from friends and within overnights they are behind the wheel.?


He said the groups operation will be such that members will be visible in almost all lorry stations to ensure that drivers comply with laid down rules and if any driver flouts rules by NRSC, ?we will handover that driver to the appropriate authorities.?


?We are going to ensure that drivers operate within the confines of the law. There is a general rule in Ghana that if you drink don?t drive and if you drive don?t drink, so if we see any driver behind the wheels heavily drunk, we will match him to the police station and if the same driver commit same offense for three times we will recommend that his license be seized,? Prophet Mensah noted.

He added that the group will in partnership with government agencies institute road safety campaigns at lorry parks across the country to assist driver?s mates to master the High Way Codes before acquiring driving license.


?We will also be strict on dress codes?we will ensure drivers and their mates are properly and neatly dressed. We will also liaised with waste management companies and authorities at various lorry parks to ensure all the lorry parks are tidy,? he stated


Aside instilling discipline in drivers, Prophet Mensah stated that the group will also partner MMDAs to rid pavements of traders, scrap dealers and animals, adding that ?the riding of motorbikes is also of major concern to us and we are happy with what the police are doing by arresting the Okada riders.?

Apart from claiming human lives and leaving others injured, the FRDP Founder sated that road accidents costs Ghana over US$165 million, representing 1.6 per cent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product, every year.


He said, though the NRSC and other agencies have over years instituted programmes to at least reduce the menace including the introduction of speed cameras on most of the highways, legislation on seat beat wearing and over-speeding, the situation, nonetheless, has not improved much as result of the lukewarm attitude of Ghanaians to obey road traffic legislation.


Prophet Mensah noted that if FRDP is given the needed support and collaboration, Ghana can meet the UN ultimatum for the country to end carnage on its roads by 2020.


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