The NYFP is a social advocacy group of the Ghanaian youth residents both in Ghana and abroad. The aim of the group is to encourage positive action among the youth of Ghana for mutual benefits.

Ever since we were entrusted with that mandate and responsibility, i must admit that I together with my executives have not relented in our efforts to ensure that peace grows in Ghana. We believe that it will be as a result of our hard work that will see together with our other regional counterparts—the much desire peaceful Ghana that we all seek.

Today we beat our chest and say that we are proud of what we have achieved so far though we admit that there is more to be done if we are to take to help and work diligently to ensure the peaceful growth of the nation.

And since our inception I am happy to announce we have so far registered about 1000 individuals across the country who we are working in tandem with to promote peace and co-existence in the country.

In Ghana, the youth have most unfortunately allowed themselves to be used as tools to foment trouble. Examples abound where ‘machomen and macho women have been used by political parties to wreak havoc on innocent civilians.

Considering that this year is an election year, we want to assure the Ghanaian public that our registered members are disciplined and are being regulated by our rules and regulations. We shall not hesitate to expel any of our members who is guiltily caught perpetuating any act of Election Violence or otherwise.

In the same manner, we will expose any individual, group, etc… who would attempt to involve any of our members to perpetuate any illegal act, be it small scaled or gargantuan.

We want to emphasize the point that any registered member of our association shall at no instance engage in any form of violence, be it during elections or community level.

We urge all abled-men and women to join us, be it in the Greater Accra region or their respective regions.

We are confident that our association will help educate men and women on the need to maintain peace and solidarity in the country. We hope that our call is heard in good faith and acted upon.

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