The days where Members of Parliament worked from the booth of their cars are over since the much awaited Job 600 building is ready for occupation by Members of Parliament by the end of June this year.

Job 600The twelve flour edifice has been converted to a 252 room office spaces to serve the important need of legislators who have been working without proper offices since the nation returned to democratic rule under the 1992 constitution.

The huge building which situated in the middle of the State House is equipped with State of the Art modern security systems and is fitted with modern complementary services to serve almost all social and commercial needs of MPs and staff of the Parliament such as a Banking hall, clinic, restaurant, bar and a library in a addition to a church and a mosque.

Briefing the media on the completion and conversion of the Job 600 building into offices for Members of Parliament, the Majority Leader, Alban Bagbin indicated that the 252 offices were not going to be personalized and neither is it going to be held in the name of constituencies.

However, each floor is going to be occupied by both the majority and the minority side of the house with the majority side occupying the right side of the building and the minority occupying the left side of the building as is usually the case in the house.

Mr. Bagbin also indicated that since the offices available are less than the number of the 275 members of Parliament priority will be given to purely Members of Parliament in the allocation of the offices while the about 45 MPs that double as Ministers and Deputy Ministers would have to bid their time or share offices with others.

He observed that all the members of the minority group will be allocated office rooms at all times.

The occupation and the transiting of MPs and the staff of the Parliamentary service will be done in badges to make room for security and recording of the furniture and it is scheduled to start at the beginning of next month.

According to the Majority Leader, a number of things contributed to the delay in the completion and conversion of the facility into offices but chief among them was the availability of funds to complete the project.

Source: Clement Akoloh, Spynewsagency


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