Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Windows 10

He said the Microsoft recognised the changes in the 21st century world of work, brought on by fast moving technology and the need to prepare and equip students for that work.

Mr La Fleur, who is in charge West, East, Central Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, made the statement at an event held at the University of Ghana-Legon, to launch the Windows 10 operating system.

He said Microsoft believed in contributing to producing students who can help to start and to keep companies like Microsoft running.

Mr La Fleur said in line with this focus, Microsoft had signed an Education Alliance Agreement with the University of Ghana, under which it would provide the University and its students with free access to Microsoft Office professional plus software.

Microsoft also launched a programme dubbed ‘Teaser Works’; a learning, employability and re-training platform that allows both student and out of school students to explore employment and retraining opportunities .

“Through the agreement with University of Ghana and the Teaser Works programme, we’re hoping that more students could be prepared for the job opportunities that are now becoming available in the 21st century which are a bit different from what there were in the 20th century; so we can have much more people becoming employed than graduating and not being able to find work”.

He said the changes in the world of work also required that teachers change the old ways of teaching and adopt more fun and innovative ways of teaching.

It also required teachers to be more productive than they currently were so they can send more time with student, he said

Mr La Fleur said the Windows 10 platform provided new ways for teaching and learning to be delivered in a more secure way.

He said Microsoft was committed to working with the relevant stakeholders in the system to encourage life-long learning and to work with policy makers to understand the need the change the curricula to make it more relevant and applicable to the 21st century world of work,”.

Mr Derek Appiah, Microsoft Country Manager-Ghana, said Windows 10 was the best Windows ever because it was an integration of the best features of Windows 7 and 8, giving it a familiar feel while always automatically updating itself with new innovations and security updates.

He said statistics from the International Data Corporation showed that one in every three people who use illegal software will likely encounter malware and that the cost of dealing with malware and cyber-attacks across businesses in the middle east and Africa amount to $8 billion.

He said Windows 10’s built-in enterprise grade security was a “real benefit for those using genuine software”.

The software also offers seamless access across a broad range of devices with enabled cloud saving, allowing users to increase productivity wherever they were, in or out of the office or classroom, he said.

Mr Appiah said the Windows 10 provides a lot of new innovation such as the new browser Microsoft Edge, a Personal Digital Assistant called Cortana as well as other applications, making it a personal software.


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