NuGenius - To The Top ArtworkThe spectacular and robust hip hop Duo based in Ghana/New York, Wild Fellas, made up of New Genius and Dilli-G,is no doubt a high definition version of Gh hiphop with magnificent creativity and pro energy. The duo though capable of reaching their stardom levels through cliche commercial concepts, has exclusively exhibited its own authentic trends and has always disregarded less creative inferior techniques.


Wild Fellas expresses itself with straight forward, metarphoric and vivid picture painting words which makes listeners describe them as amazingly hardcore and thrilling. Also known for the delivery of dazzling and hd quality rhymes in a versatile style,t he duo desists from common hiphop attitudes such as materialism and sexism but rather depicts their real life experiences and creates inspirational/ street anthems to uplift the morale and spirits of listeners.

You can always feel the’looksharp/no slack’ attitudes in their songs. Wild fellas has been through more transformations since its formation in high school and has had major hip hop influences such as Wu-Tang clan, Mobb deep,Talib Kweli and Notorious Big.Indeed Wild Fellas has seen it all and been through enough so caution signals and master key messages is what the group usually display in their contents. Though they sound wild most times, the Duo is indeed humble, positive and intellectualy smart.After receiving their Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in KNUST,the New Genius is pursuing his masters degree in new york and Dilli-g is into real estate and media production.


Wild fellas is currently putting much work into their debut album which has a variety of songs, featuring and productions from some of the world’s finest. Their favourite quotation is ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ Indeed wild fellas is the future and nothing can stop this movement.GYE NYAME!


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